Asheville’s Blog – – Is a Despicable Scam

Try posting a comment to any of City Hall’s self-infatuated deceptive blog entries.    Was the comment published?  It doesn’t make any difference what you write.  It won’t be published.  Same goes for Asheville’s Twitter and Asheville’s Facebook.  However, if you grovel at the Twitter site and at Asheville’s Facebook, you might get published.  If it is criticism, it will be whitewashed, no matter how constructive the criticism is.

If you twit our twit mayor – @esthermanheimer – you’ll be blocked unless you grovel at her feet and speak worshipful sycophant things to her.  You can see on my blog below where she has blocked me.  I approached her after she flipflopped on her short-term rental stance.  She’s now in bed with AirBnB and its pals on city council, Cecil Bothwell, Keith Young, and Brian Haynes.  Of course, it doesn’t make that much difference, does it?:  Asheville corruptly pretends to enforce the ordinances against short-term rentals, but does not.  Asheville is just another little Tammany Hall and its sleazy little city manager, Gary Jackson, another Boss Tweed.  A few people on city council want Gary Jackson gone (and Gary is a real sleazebag), but they are NOT the majority, who are just as corrupt and decadent as Gary is.  Remember who they are, and keep the memory, for next election when we can dump them.


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