Crooked, Pencil-Whipped Police Report by Dirty Cop, Brandon Shope, and His Conniving Pals at Asheville Police Department, Plus His Dirty Little Magistrate, Juliana M. Schmitt aka Juliana B. Schmitt

I want you to see this corrupt cop document, and I also want to fill you in on how APD does its dirty business with the filthiest of filthy politics:

Incident_17010367crook5You can be sure that this document has been tampered with since Saturday, 29 April 2017, that it oozes with malevolence and dishonesty, and that it was designed to give me hell converting it to a JPG to post on this page.  Note the misspelling “Kisioh.”  That’s most likely to flummox a search if someone in their dirty officialdom enters his real name “Kisiah” for a search in police records.  Or the bad Kisiah seed has a driver’s license in that name.  Cops are such devious critters.   Don’t bother searching “Kisioh.”  Don’t google it because there’s NOTHING there.  I already tried.  More lying by corrupt cops.

No telling what the APD thugs have in their secret dossiers on me.  Lots of arrests on false, malicious, and frivolous charges can be found.  NO CONVICTIONS!  But they keep trying and in this case they have tried to reverse the roles and make the perps into the victims, and me –the victim– into a perp.  So many cops, so many sleazebags.  Beware!  And don’t expect your cops or your public officials to be honest.  The little skank who runs the city — Gary Jackson, brought here after he was fired from Fort Worth, Texas for acts of moral turpitude –is crookeder than a bucketful of pit vipers.

I want to thank the chief resident superior court judge, the smirking asshole, Alan “Little Lacy” Thornburg, for appointing that filthy little slut a magistrate.  Thanks, Little Lacy!  You polished turd.


Notice how Mad Martha lies,  says she is a schoolteacher for Governor Morland School.  It’s Governor Morehead School, if you want it spelled correctly, Shope.

Nope.  She doesn’t work there.  She got kicked out of that organization of thieving scammers who steal from the taxpayers years ago.  No telling how many outrageous lies that filthy old whore told redneck Brandon Shope.  I have watched her.  She knows how to work a man, especially a stupid one like Shope.

Now the cop, Brandon Shope, who came to my house after I called 911, first took my statement before going across the street to hear two sets of lies from the two hags — Martha Grist at 200 Aurora and Vanessa Bell, up the street at 202 Aurora, house owned by Hedy Fischer.    These two tag-team accomplices by some miraculous coincidence happened to have been watching Kisiah do his violence from their homes, behind the safety of their windows.

Yes, a skell by the name, John Kisiah, (a rainbow family hippy as described by Brandon Shope) — here’s his FB: — came into my yard and attacked me when I stopped him from tearing down my sign in my yard.  He was having trouble turning the screw on a C-clamp getting the sign unclamped from its moorings, and I watched for a second and then ran over to him from just a few feet away yelling, “Get away from that!”

Meanwhile, Martha Grist had emerged and was standing on her stoop grinning like a jackass eating cactus.  She had hired him to do it.

He wouldn’t stop so I whacked him a couple of times with some long-handled loppers I was using to trim in the yard, but he kept on.  I tried to avoid hitting him in the head, but now I think I should have really let him have it right across his mug.   The next thing I knew he pummeled me with both of his arms and hands, knocked the breath out of me, and knocked me down.

Kisiah was earlier in the day able to climb like a cat on Mad Martha’s roof.  He was born in 1962 and I was born in 1944 so I did not have the physical prowess to defend myself against him.  I should have been carrying an equalizer with a blade or a trigger.

So he tore up the sign and jumped into his gray Chevy van with the rack on top and yelled “You’re a dead man” as he waved the paper sign at me and smirked.  He turned his wheels in my direction. I picked up a couple of big rocks while I’m still trying to get my breath.  And, you know, I don’t know WHAT happened to the rock that I threw at him, but he quickly drove away with my sign.

OK, so that is what?, on a peaceful balmy Saturday afternoon here in Kenilworth which purports to be civilized, at least 4 crimes he has committed here on my turf:  assault and battery, trespassing, damage to property, and a death threat.  And no doubt in my mind: a criminal conspiracy with Mad Martha Grist.  He is her yard boy, houseboy, and gutter cleaner, plus whatever other services he performs for her behind closed doors.

So the first big lie by Brandon Shope is “simple assault.”  An assault is merely putting someone in fear of immediate bodily harm.  An assault does not mean bodily contact.  That is a battery.  I was battered and I’m still sore.  Still sore today, 5/6/2017, and getting ready to go to the emergency room, and having trouble getting my breath because of the deep pain in my rib cage, and an injured back that Alleve won’t help.

So the cop lied when he said there were no injuries, and I showed him where the creep scratched the blood out of my left hand.  He told me to take a photo of it, which I did as he watched, saying that the photo would be time-stamped as evidence.

Then Shope leaves out all the other offenses from his report.  This dirty cop’s story gets thicker and sleazier as it unfolds, while other cops like Jonathan Brown and Quentin Miller later covered for Shope.  Miller had the gall to tell me that Shope had called the magistrate, “…but he didn’t tell her not to give you a warrant.”   Yes, he did, you lying shitbird.  She said so.

After I told Shope how I was attacked and my property destroyed in my own yard by a man who worked for Mad Martha Grist,  he went over there and spent 10 or 15 minutes.  And you can be sure since she is a prodigious and notorious liar, and will lie under oath without a worry in the world, that she filled his head full of lies…and canoodled him.  She’s good at it.  She’s tried it with me, over and over again since she first slithered onto this street sometime around 2005.

Then the old canoodler sent Shope to see the angry old hag, Vanessa Bell, Grist’s next-door neighbor who also happened, by a fortuitous coincidence, to have been watching the violence from inside her home where she just happened to have been peering out to the locus in quo when the violence began.

Isn’t it strange that Vanessa Bell does not appear on the police report?  Or that when Shope came back to see me his attitude had grown dark, foreboding, unfriendly?

Shope handed me a tiny slip of paper with the name, John Kisiah, on it and his birthday, 9/13/62.  He also wrote:  “report #17-010367” and said “You can get a copy of it as soon as I have filed it.”

I’m going to show you a photo of it here on this page.

Then the sorry sonofabitch told me he would do nothing further.  “You can go to the magistrate’s office and swear out a warrant.”

“Does Kisiah have a record?” I asked.  And Shope said that he did not.  But I guarantee you that he does.  Noncriminals don’t do the things that Kisiah did.

So about 30 minutes later, I got a ride to the magistrate’s office in downtown Asheville at the jail they call the detention center where so many people suffer mysterious deaths.  As soon as I got buzzed in, the scowling young woman who was seated there without a nameplate had already been tipped off, she said, by Brandon Shope.  I couldn’t even tell her what happened.  She wouldn’t let me.  The only thing she asked me about:  “Did you have a sign in your yard?  What did it say?”   Yeah, she’s one of those wacky millenials who does not believe in freedom of speech or the Bill of Rights.  And is pea-brained.  And believes just anybody should be able to trespass in your yard and tear it down.  Here is the sign.  Do you see anything illegal about it?


“I have already heard all I need to know about this, so I am denying you a warrant,” the magistrate said. (She would not give me her name). — But I know it now:  Juliana Schmitt —  “The officer told me not to give you a warrant.”  I tried to speak again and she stopped me with her angry gestures rife with ” Shut up or I’ll hold you in CONTEMPT!,” so all I could do was turn around and walk out the door.

John Kisiah, Ray Kisiah’s son, the Rainbow Family hippy:  kisiah

You can also read about this creep in Usenet (Google Groups) where he posts about Rainbow things, such as:  “to all family please bring american spirit tobacco to the world gathering in austrialia .     love kat-o-pillar”

He has couch-surfing pages too where he tells about how many places where he has squatted all over the world.  And if you believe what he tells you, you’ll believe anything.

And in alt.gathering.rainbow, the parasite, John Kisiah, posts this message, begging for cash:  “Note, Australian hippies DO NOT recommend that people arrive via Brisbane, Queensland, due to the fact that Queensland in general and Brisbane in particular is VERY STRICT on searching for contraband [like the fave illegal drugs of the rainbows: psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, methamphetamines, and concentrated cannabis oil, all felonies] AND meeting financial requirements for entry (AUD1000 per month); instead, they DO recommend that everyone arrive via Sydney, even though it is actually MUCH further away from Tenterfield than Brisbane is.

On a related note, be advised that tobacco is VERY expensive in Australia, and organic tobacco is virtually illegal (due to unauthorized production); so, BRING your full tobacco allowance, preferably organic American Spirit, whether you smoke or not.  Also, many more sage [smudge*] sticks are needed here.  Organic tobacco and sage sticks may be traded for whatever you may need here.

BTW, Katopiller is now recieving donations of any kind at:

John Kisiah
c/o General Delivery
Tenterfield NSW 2372

*Sage smudge sticks are some kind of incense these idiot hippies burn while uttering incantations and prayers to “purify” their auras:

Here is something fairly recent about our dopehead, John Alexander Kisiah:

  Charge 1: Possess Marij Paraphernalia Charging County: Buncombe, NC Charge Date: 02/22/2016

Charge 2: Possess Marijuana Up To 1/2 Oz Charging County: Buncombe, NC Charge Date: 02/22/2016

We have detected that John Alexander Kisiah, a resident of Asheville, North Carolina has been charged by Buncombe County, with charges of Possess Marij Paraphernalia and Possess Marijuana Up To 1/2 Oz.

Offender Details:
Case Details:
Full Name: John Alexander Kisiah
Address: 10 Woodbury Rd
City: Asheville
State: NC
Zip Code: 28804
Date of Birth: 09/xx/1962 [9/13/1962]
Race: W
Charging County: Buncombe County, North Carolina
Case Number: 2016CR 001601
Charge: Possess Marij Paraphernalia
Type: M
Charge Date: 02/22/2016
Case Number: 2016CR 001601
Charge: Possess Marijuana Up To 1/2 Oz
Type: M
Charge Date: 02/22/2016 [end]

 Now if they dismissed these charges against John Alexander Kisiah, that means he is one of their stoolies, or what you’d call a CI, confidential informant, on the police payroll.  They very well may have been the agency which sent the sonofabitch over here.
But then there is this, from a deep internet search using more than just google:  1993 Two members of the Rainbow Family, which is planning a gathering of about 20,000 people in the Talladega National Forest [Alabama] next month, were arrested during the weekend by forest service officials after refusing to leave a campground. ——->>John Kisiah of Asheville, N.C.,<<—— and Bill LeTemp of Columbia, S.C. were arrested on trespassing charges Saturday and placed in custody at the Calhoun County Jail.[end]   These were federal charges that ended in convictions, guaranteed.sign no. 2
This is the latest sign.  It is being closely observed by eyes and lenses.  If it gets torn down, somebody will probably get hurt.  And then another sign will replace it.
Now let’s see if I can get you a photo of skanky Brandon Shope.  Is he drunk or what?
Would you like biological information on Juliana B. Schmitt?  Just do a net search on that piece of work.   Look at her Facebooks and 2 or more Twitters and notice how she alters her name.  And she wants you to think she lives in NYC.  Juliana has the moral compass of a cockroach.

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