Is Andrea Dray Honest?


I have no experience with her so I don’t know.  I do know that the fat sow, Susan Dotson-Smith, is NOT.  Neither is Julie Kepple, or Patty Kauffmann-Young.


Here’s a little more at another site:

One reason why I posted Andrea’s photo is that she appears to believe she can copyright it so that fair use is impossible.  She is, after all, a public figure.   So many aloof insolent judges who become narcissists the moment they don that black silk robe.  And people are scared shitless of them when they should be keeping them under surveillance.  Remember Lord Acton’s warning about power?

Another judge, an ex-judge (thankfully), Sharon Tracey Barrett, thinks she has a copyright lock on her photo.  She will soon learn that she does NOT.  This crooked old hag was propitiously removed from the bench by the NC legislature.

Let’s just go ahead and show the old crook now:


Women, how about sticking with the gender studies, nursing, sociology, veterinary degrees, home economics, journalism, elementary education, and culinary science.

Please, no more female doctors, dentists, or lawyers.  I’ve had my fill ad nauseam of them. And I have to be frank with you women and warn you that men are not going to tolerate you crazy bitches fucking with the law or donning black robes and tampering with the judiciary as so many like Susan “man-hater” Renfer, Julie “blinking spoliator” Kepple, Victoria “debtors’ prisons” Roemer, Patty “Seize him and feel of his balls!” Kaufmann-Young, Sharon Tracey “crooked sphere” Barrett, Zoe “You can’t cross-examine her in my courtroom” Bush, Nancy “Bind and gag him!” Sivilli, Aletha “chicanery and man-hating are fun!” Fields, Ana “I’m fucking the prosecutor” Gardiner, Cynthia “I’m drunk” Imperato, Lynn “I’m drunk too” Rosenthal, Kelly S. “I Fix Cases and my Tickets” Ballentine, and Jacqueline “Wacky Jackie” Schwartz. (to name just a few)

One thought on “Is Andrea Dray Honest?

  1. I filed pro se for divorce March 7, 2020, having satisfied all the separation and jurisdictional requirements. 20-CVD-1007. The pre- nuptial precluded any equitable distribution or spousal support claims by my ex-wife. Our 16 yr old daughter had been living with me for 4 years, doing well and will attending NCSU next fall. She had elected to live with me. I had made no requests for child support. I indicated in my summary judgment motion filed 7-17-2020 after the deadline for my ex to file any responsive pleadings/answers to my complaint had passed, spelling out summary judgment was in order in that there were no issues for the court to adjudicate: Child custody, child support, spousal support, or equitable division of property. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. You didn’t even have to look at any of those “forms.” The case could not have been delayed regardless what I or my ex said or could have said at trial that day. The case was over.

    My ex had made no responsive pleadings whatsoever for over 4 months since I had filed. At the trial, my ex suddenly requested the Lexus. No notice or forms or any filings. No responsive pleadings. Judge Dray denied me the absolute divorce unless I agreed to give my ex the car. I left, then filled out more forms for the second court trial on December 14, 2020 and still Dray would not grant the divorce. I finally had to get an attorney and after paying him $3,811 we walked into the court room on January 28, 2021 and Dray suddenly granted me the divorce. No oral arguments, discussions, no new documents or pleadings. Nothing had changed from the first court appearance except that my car was no longer “contested.”. Then after the divorce had been finalized, Judge Dray “thanked” me for getting counsel, trying to make it appear that I had been the cause of the delay when in fact she had screwed up and was trying to hide the fact. This is conspiratorial misconduct on top of incompetence.

    When I filed a grievance to the Judicial Standards Commission with the supporting file, they of course gave a vague response 3-23-2021 that “my allegations were insufficient or did not allege conduct within the Commission’s Jurisdiction to consider.”

    In other words, they would not admit that this fluzy ditz judge had erred not once, but twice, and then tried to cover it up. They basically were saying her conduct did not rise to the operative level of lying, incompetence, and misconduct that is allowed in the NC courts. This was not my first encounter with lawyers and judges. This is pervasive. Any remedies are non-existent. From my memoirs which Judge Dray would do well to read from a physician’s view:

    My Medical -Legal Back Pages. Archway. Bryce Sterling pen name. All true events mostly in KY and then NC. The court cases are sealed, the opinions never published and any posts on Facebook for the NC Medical Board or on Google for the KY lawyers and Bar association are shadowbanned or censored. The truth and sleaze will never see the light of day.

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