Kathryn Is a Criminal

Heeeere’s Kathryn, the criminal, posing with her son:  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12685614?s=unk7pZTG

Kathryn lives in Black Mountain so she’s not really concerned about ruining a nice family neighborhood in N. Asheville.  Kathryn, be prepared to receive shortly your notice of violation of the laws of Asheville, NC, for which you have little or no respect.

The city says it is proactively enforcing the laws against illegal motels in the city.  Do you really believe that bullshit?

Terri Is a Criminal

Here is Terri:  https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/97256862

Terri is operating an illegal motel in the Murdock/Edwin Place vicinity.  Terri, be looking for your notice of violation from the city.  The city needs your $500 per day fine.  After all the city will take a disabled person’s tax refund because she got parking tickets downtown when she was unable to find a disabled person’s parking place, typical of the avaricious assholes who run the city of Asheville:  they look the other way on illicit motel violations and stick it to the poor.   Are you hearing me,  million-dollar-home mayoress and Gary “Fort Worth” Jackson?