Mad Martha’s Illegal Motel, 200 Aurora Drive

toilet clogged

The reason why the toilet clogged?   It has a Rube Goldberg pump to get solid waste up to the sewer line which is 10 ft. higher than the crapper.  This is the kind of mess you get into when you violate the building code and go ahead and do major construction work on a house without applying for a building permit — violation of which is a crime in NC.

But then I have already established that she commits a crime every day that she rents this fleabag motel by the night.  While sleazebag city manager, Gary Jackson, does nothing she is violating an ordinance with a $500 per day fine.

Mad Martha says she keeps a toilet plunger just outside the exit door.  If I were renting a motel room from the amoral old hag like Mad Martha, wouldn’t that be a red flag to see a toilet plunger in such an obtrusive place, sticking out like a sore thumb?  And a sign that says:  “Just in case the toilet runs over and shit spills out all over the bathroom and kitchen floor.”

Back before Martha Grist installed the “shit pump” on the toilet, she was running the sewer from that commode into a creek behind her house.  I saw the pipe.  I saw Dale Owen Shaffer watch as Martha Grist flushed the commode, to see that the pipe was working.

Shortly I made photos of  sewerage, tampons, toilet paper, used Kotex, and other hazardous materials draining down toward Kenilworth Rd. and showed the pictures of all this odious mess to MSD.  They did nothing but try to lay it on a homeless person camping in the woods.    Only, nobody ever camps back there in that hellhole.

____________________ “So nice.   I can flip my cigarette butts into the neighbors’s yards.”

—- latest illegal tenant, B Gross, from Michigan in a grey Chevy with vanity plate ‘B GROSS.’  10:30 a. m., 4/25/2017

Is Esther Manheimer a Crook?

twitterblock manheimtwitterblock 2airbnb listings





Looks like she didn’t approve of my suggestion that she’s a shyster, what with all that shifty pettifoggery and gobbledygook she’s been handing us on the short-term rental controversy and our zoning (un)enforcement here in Asheville.

Meanwhile the snowflake is obsessed with turning public restrooms into places of assignation, and threatening  Ashevillians with prosecution for uttering “hate speech,” whatever that is.  Here are more tweets that gave her a rush of black bile:

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 9
Replying to @news_BPR @EstherManheimer

The face of betrayal.

I bought the right to use the brilliant shark lawyers from John Pritchett in Honolulu, HI.  In case someone accuses me again of stealing it.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Apr 4

Snowflake Asheville Mayor has banned me from her Twitter:  Another man heimed by Esther Manheimer.  So corrupt, transparency horrifies her.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Apr 3

teecrafter Retweeted City of Asheville

Too Funny!  How long did you keep Jason Nortz and his predecessor? While hiring for this position, why don’t you fire scoundrel Gary Jackson?

Time to dump corrupt mayor, Esther Manheimer, in pink with her lawyers, all female and one token male, & her fave judge standing behind her.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 17

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 9

@CityofAsheville How’s your axe job on Asheville neighborhoods going?  How’s it feel to betray folks who don’t want hotels on their streets?

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 5
Replying to @news_BPR @EstherManheimer

I can’t wait to organize a huge effort to get this charlatan Manheimer out of the Asheville city building.  She’s walking malware.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 4
Replying to @news_BPR @EstherManheimer

I can’t wait to organize and support opposition and votes against Manheimer next election.

Replying to @cecilbothwell [He hasn’t blocked me yet.]

WDY publish more about it instead of inciting lawbreakers to violate the STR ordinances?  Can’t wait til you run again so can support opposn

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 4
Replying to @NancyMcFarlane @EstherManheimer

Rots of ruck.  Ur gonna need it and at next CC election too.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 4

@EstherManheimer Glad 2 see VM Wisler give you a thumbs down on your despic proposal to reopen discuss about str ords u don’t even enforce.😡

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 3  To Vice-Mayor Gwen C. Wisler:

@ashevillegcw Thanks 4 thumbs down on revisiting the Homestay Ordinance.  Now if we can just get the city 2 enforce the rules against str’s.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Feb 6
Replying to @CityofAsheville

COA blog website invites comments, then refuses to publish them.  Such hypocrisy! Such deceit!

Asheville Crime Perpetrator Marty Grist, Also Known as Martha Tackitt-Grist

Here is Marty’s ad which proves she is committing a fraud by publishing her license for a HOMESTAY in her photos, while she is peddling SHORT-TERM-RENTALS of a separate apartment with  keycode entrance behind the house and full kitchen, in violation of the Asheville City Ordinances.  She’s really kind of wacky-comical because when she leaves and the new tenants later come in, as they did this past weekend, she has taken off in a black Prius and leaves her old car, a red Kia, parked in the driveway to create the false impression she is in the house, even though she is away.  Such a dishonest person.  She even has her next-door neighbor, Vanessa, move her red Kia around in the yard to give the false impression that she is home.  Below is more evidence — photos which incriminate her:


These particular tenants stayed the past weekend thru Sunday.  Their temporary tag number, C272326, New Ford Explorer, indicated they were from Tennessee.  Unlike some of her tenants, these weekend renters were well-behaved.

Here is a photo of the mailbox knocked down the previous weekend, about two weeks ago, when she had rowdy tenants that looked like they got good and drunk:


And here is a photo of the sign I have placed where our mailbox stood.  We are having to pick up our mail on London Rd. in Biltmore:IMG_0411

No, the teeth are not hers and she wears skin-tight yoga pants which frighten children.  Yes, she’s pushing 70.  She was born in the ’40’s.

Here is an appropriate photo of Mad Martha Grist:     madmadmartha

Is Andrea Dray Honest?


I have no experience with her so I don’t know.  I do know that the fat sow, Susan Dotson-Smith, is NOT.  Neither is Julie Kepple, or Patty Kauffmann-Young.


Here’s a little more at another site:

One reason why I posted Andrea’s photo is that she appears to believe she can copyright it so that fair use is impossible.  She is, after all, a public figure.   So many aloof insolent judges who become narcissists the moment they don that black silk robe.  And people are scared shitless of them when they should be keeping them under surveillance.  Remember Lord Acton’s warning about power?

Another judge, an ex-judge (thankfully), Sharon Tracey Barrett, thinks she has a copyright lock on her photo.  She will soon learn that she does NOT.  This crooked old hag was propitiously removed from the bench by the NC legislature.

Let’s just go ahead and show the old crook now:


Women, how about sticking with the gender studies, nursing, sociology, veterinary degrees, home economics, journalism, elementary education, and culinary science.

Please, no more female doctors, dentists, or lawyers.  I’ve had my fill ad nauseam of them. And I have to be frank with you women and warn you that men are not going to tolerate you crazy bitches fucking with the law or donning black robes and tampering with the judiciary as so many like Susan “man-hater” Renfer, Julie “blinking spoliator” Kepple, Victoria “debtors’ prisons” Roemer, Patty “Seize him and feel of his balls!” Kaufmann-Young, Sharon Tracey “crooked sphere” Barrett, Zoe “You can’t cross-examine her in my courtroom” Bush, Nancy “Bind and gag him!” Sivilli, Aletha “chicanery and man-hating are fun!” Fields, Ana “I’m fucking the prosecutor” Gardiner, Cynthia “I’m drunk” Imperato, Lynn “I’m drunk too” Rosenthal, Kelly S. “I Fix Cases and my Tickets” Ballentine, and Jacqueline “Wacky Jackie” Schwartz. (to name just a few)

Photo of Brother, Sister, and Me


This photo in memory of my dear brother, David Leonard Smith, who would this year have been seventy-eight years old.  The photo was made circa 1946. I am in the middle.

My conniving sister, who turned out to be one of the most perfidious wretches I have ever known, and who always thought herself better than us and abused me and my brothers, sits to my left.  Notice her eyes.  As always one gleams with affection, and the other leers with calculation.  Typical hypocrites cuddle and identify with this aberration.

The photo used to be in a frame and sit on the mantle or on a table has been removed from its frame and vandalized, probably by Marilyn, now the divorcee known as Marilyn Turner Smith Barr of Jefferson City, Tennessee, or one of her vicious little whelps, Robin and Jeff.

Leonard died in a car wreck in 1966.  He was a wonderful big brother, and a day does not go by that I don’t think of him and miss him.  Some anonymous person puts beautiful flowers on his grave every year, year after year after year.

Development Services Director, Jason Nortz, Quits

Hold your horses, folks. Jason Nortz hasn’t been here a year and now he’s leaving. Do you suppose he figured out the running of the city is an ongoing scandal of dishonesty and low morale? I just got an email from him saying he is leaving employment with the city as of Dec. 19. Well, that was quick, wasn’t it?  jn

Here’s the email:

Jason Nortz

As of December 19 I know longer work for the City of Asheville. If you need immediate assistance please contact DSD Interim Director, Diane Meek at (828) 259-5670.

For specific inquiries please refer to the contact below:

planning/zoning: Ricky Hurley – 828-259-5674
building safety: Mark Matheny- 828-259-5667
stormwater: Sonya Dawson- 828-259-5569
permit center: Russell Roe – 828-259-5671