READ THIS — Another Reason Why We Need Someone to Watch Bad Judges Like Eddie Clontz

Google this filthy little Clontz bastard. The funniest thing I read about him is in Narkive + Eddie Clontz. The article makes fun of Clontz and his wife, who is a felon embezzler who got caught stealing at the Van Winkle law firm where she was a non-lawyer employee. They gave her enough of the run of the office for her to steal over $100,000 from one of their clients before she was caught and her wrist spanked by Judge Thornburg. I understand that a lawyer in that Van Winkle firm, Esther Manheimer, our Lord Mayor, was infuriated that slimy Ed Clontz married this scoundrel. She wanted him defrocked, as so many other Buncombe Countians who are knowledgeable about Clontz wish. Yes, Clontz is a scoundrel too, as will more fully appear when more is added to this page.

The goofy “award” has to be an irritating sarcasm since I went to WalMart’s Facebook and blasted them for larceny of $105 from my bank account using the plastic card numbers from my mastercard I used as care-taker of my dear friend back in February 2022 to order bedside commode liners from Wally World’s warehouse since they did not have them at the local store:


Your order is on the way

Yahoo/Inbox <>


Sun, Feb 6, 2022 at 1:20 AM

Order date: Sat, Feb 5, 2022Order number: 3072220-059974Your order is on the wayGreat news, James – order 3072220-059974 is set to arrive by Wed, Feb 9. We’ll let you know when it’s been delivered.Track shipmentShippingAddressJames Smith[redacted]Asheville, NC 28805Estimated dateWed, Feb 9, 20221 item arrives by end of day Wed, Feb 9, 2022Fedex tracking number 560096999040Sold by The Cumberland Companies LLC null Pro SellerFulfilled by Walmartitem imageTidyCare Commode Liners ? Value Pack – 48 Count$13.97/EAQty: 1$13.97Order summarySubtotal$13.97Below order minimum fee$5.99Taxes$1.40Total$21.36Explore more savings

I found I could buy good commode liners locally, which don’t burst and leak like these do, at a much lower price. Notice how the scoundrels stuck it to me for the shipping after the lady on the phone in Manila, the Phillipines, told me that shipping was free.

Be careful shopping at WalMart! They are a ruthless band of thieves.

Slimy WalMart, Bloodsuckers

They sent me this after I got on their Facebook page and called them the brazen thieves that they are, for stealing $105 from my bank account, for continual unrepentant scanner fraud, for shoddy merchandise, and for trying to cheat at the pharmacy. ———>>>

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A plague of monkey pox, covid 19, and herpes viruses on you sociopath WalMart thieves who think you can prey on the poor with impunity.

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9:14 AM (1 minute ago) 

Mayor Esther Manheimer’s law firm recently snatched $1,163,650.94 from the pockets of taxpayers, while the poor and the middle class were struggling during the pandemic to make ends meet.

——->>>$1,163,650.94 VAN WINKLE, BUCK, WALL, STARNES AND DAVIS P.A. Asheville NC 68

These were 1% interest loans by our lavish-spending news-tampering govt. And most or all of them were forgiven: WELFARE FOR THE RICH! You can bet your sweet biffy Her Royal Majesty, Queen Esther Manheimer, lined her deep pockets.

Also getting in on the luxurious cash flow from Uncle Daddy Joe Biden:




These law firms of swarming shysters are dedicated to the principle, “SOAK the POOR!”

Re Lowes Hdw and Klunky Troybilt Weedeater I Bought from the Jerks at Lowes, 89 S. Tunnel Rd. Asheville, NC

I made the mistake of buying one of these bastardized 4-stroke string trimmers from Lowes in Asheville. It is a pile of junk, take it from me, who rebuilds aircraft engines and believes in perfection and meticulous care of machinery. The cutting head got hot and seized the first time I used it because it had not been greased at the factory. It leaks all the oil out of the engine, no matter what position it is in and even when it is not in use. It leaks all its gasoline too. This is a weedeater from hell. I have about 2 hours on the POS. I’d like to ram it down the throat of Troybilt’s CEO, Lowes CEO, and the Lowes store manager on Tunnel Rd. in Asheville. Oh, yeah, and it will not run until it is warmed up and that takes 5+ minutes of running, dying, cranking, dying, running, dying, and re-cranking. I used to have a good opinion of Troybilt. Not any more. Now it’s associated in my mind with Rube Goldberg, junkyard trash, and the klunky rattletrap East German Trabant automobile. I have a friend with an accursed Troybilt rotor tiller. It leaks oil like a sieve and he can’t find parts for it, such as a crankshaft seal. Go to hell, Troybilt!


What’s happening nearby, neighbor, is that sadly several restaurants in Asheville serve foie gras, while NYC is in process of declaring this product of barbarity illegal. While the atrocity of torturing ducks and geese is committed to please the palates of the unconscionable, to be silent about it is to be an accessory to it. Use your search engine to learn just how cruel and evil production of foie gras is.


…unless you don’t mind getting cheated. I bought two steaks for mother’s day, a thick t-bone and a Porterhouse and marinated them in my favorite tenderizing marinade over night. The Porterhouse was so tender and delicious it would melt in your mouth, but the t-bone was tough as leather and not edible. Ingles would not make it good. The ugly obese manager at the 29 Tunnel Rd. store where I bought it said they would not refund for a bad steak if it had been “altered. Cooking it,” she said, “altered it.”

I asked her “How would you know a steak was too tough to eat unless you cooked it?”

“That’s our policy,” she said. So they would not make the steak good. The meat manager I talked to despises this woman.

I talked to a meat manager at another Ingles store, and he said every store had its own policy about bad steaks. His store, he said, would have either refunded my money or given me another steak.

In my mind Ingles’ name is now mud. Besides, I am sick and tired of all the scanner fraud. It’s not a good place to buy groceries any more. The other stores do it too, but not as frequently as Ingles does. BUYER BEWARE!