Psychopath Willard Hartsock Crimes of Moral Turpitude

The charges:

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Arraigned Offenses for Case Number:                    2017051397 CR
Arraigned Defendant Name:                    HARTSOCK,WILLARD,LEROY
County:                    MCDOWELL
Court Date:                    09/08/2017
Session:                    AM
Court Room:                    0001

Offense Code         Description         Statute
5592          Felony ALTER TITLE          20-71(A)
2636          Misdemeanor FRAUD DISPOSAL MORTGAGE PROP          14-114

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Then there’s this whiny post he apparently wrote in Topix last night:

Willard Hartsock

Asheville, NC

Me and Elaine sponsered a trail here in the Smokies you can see our ad with me.. the little short feller with the pot belly and Elaine posing on the trail by the sign on my Bill Hartsock Facebook… So this is what I get for being a good citazen and a authenic US Navy SEAL a confidicial informent to catch vilolent crimals… No good deeds goes unpunished !!!  [close quote]

Nacherly all the material about this felony arrest has been erased from Asheville Topix, due to Hartsock frantically emailing Topix to complain.

You can bet your sweet biffy a lot of people will be glad when this inveterate scoundrel is hauled off to the crossbar hotel.

      Here Willard and some unknown person are posing for one of Willard’s many narcissistic displays.  The woman who sent me this photo remarked, “He’s an ugly little schlump with a big pot belly.

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