Jen Terpstra, Archetypal Misanderer, Stalker

terpstra 7

Men, beware.  This unsavory woman, Jennifer Oas-Terpstra, is studied in perfidy and betrayal, in treacherous endearments and false cajolings.  I’ll come back in a couple of days and make the case against her with loads of evidence against this man-hater, a psychotropic drug user, a perjurer, a person who cannot be trusted.  The evidence against her is overwhelming.

The photo was at one time online, but she began removing online photos after they were copied and pasted on blogs exposing her.  This photo posted here qualifies under the fair use provisions of the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act).  In the event she files a DMCA claim to have this photo removed, I’ll counter-file.

OK, here’s another one, this image she says is a selfie, but it’s reminiscent of Geoffrey Chaucer’s description of the hypocrite, the backstabber.  This mutt is the very definition of the “smyler with the knyf under the cloak.”

jenn 1

A Man’s “Tasty Little Balls…What a Treat!”: On RAINES v. ARISTEO, Free Speech, and Censorship

The beat goes on, and little is being done to stop it. Like Dr. Fiamengo laments, a crisis like violent revolution may be the only intervention to stop it.

TALKING BACK to restraining orders

Typical of cases stemming from court injunctions, the case that occasions this post, Raines v. Aristeo, is a he-said/she-said quagmire. Not disputed is that the woman and the man had a four-month relationship in 2010. He says he ended the relationship after learning “disturbing…information” from her ex-husband about her. She says she ended the relationship because he became “strident,” “demanding,” and “threatening.” Both acknowledge they had a business relationship outside of their personal relationship. He says she owed him money and brought criminal complaints against him to get out of paying. The specifics of this matter, which has now spanned nearly six years, are painstakingly chronicled in 18 installments by Matthew Chan on, in his usual objective, comprehensive, and sleekly polished style. This post instead raises some questions: Is this, as in so many similar instances, a tempest in a teapot? Has a public interest been served by a…

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Susan Janette McCoy, or, If They Cause Trouble in Georgia, Have Them Declared Insane and Lock Them Up

mccoy_bond-1susan mccoy

It’s difficult for me to believe what happened to this woman – a mother, a practicing lawyer, a wife, and a good person without a criminal record.  She stood up and protested the financing of the Braves stadium in Cobb County, and the first thing that happened to her is that someone burned down her fence in the yard of her beautiful home.

Coming soon:  the transcript of the hearing in which a lowly crooked magistrate, Phillip P. Taylor, has her locked up in jail without bond.  Crooked officials even brought in  a psychiatrist as a hired gun to testify that she was dangerous.   Didn’t both Stalin and Hitler have dissidents declared insane?  And the Romans and Greeks recognized the phenomenon:  “Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.”