Carl Flamm Scam

What really ticked me off about this guy was that he “doxxed” Cindie Harman by publishing all her personal information online — her address, phone number, email address — in an effort to cause people to contact her at home and pester her. And she had been pestered enough because of her feisty blog, A crooked judge, Thomas G. Foster, had even signed a no-contact restraining order against her in _Ramsey vs. Harman,_ later reversed in the NC Court of Appeals because the appellate court found Cindie had not stalked anyone.

Cindie had other legal troubles too, all of it attributable to the anger focused on her crusading weblog which trained klieg lights on Madison County’s dirty politicians.

I knew something was going on recently because Carl was obsessed about getting the doxxing info out of alt.appalachian. He had canceled his shabby doxxing message, but when I clicked on it to reply and gave him a good tongue-lashing, it was published all over again. So Carl wrote in and begged for me to remove it. So I did. But an archivist called NARKIVE didn’t… and here most of it is:

“cindie harman is a backwater idiot who needs to be on psych drugs. her power of spreading evil an maliciousness are right up there with charlie manson and hitler.
this is one person who needs to be “retired” early. she should have been “retired” long ago. she lives at [redacted] hot springs, nc if anyone would like to pay her a visit and show her how human beings are meant to act.  her phone number is [redacted].”

The only thing about Carl is he himself has a bad reputation and is otherwise a royal jerk. Like for assault by pointing a gun, running around butt naked in the vicinity of the Harman home, and other behavioral aberrations which he confesses to in his writings advertised on Amazon.  He also confesses he suffers from bipolar and other disorder.

Then I found this Madison County Superior Court calendar featuring the asshole judge, Alan Thornburg (a crook like his daddy, Lacy Thornburg).

So it looks like 3 couples, the Flamms, the Laclairs, and the Jenkses ganged up on Cindie and her husband with a lawsuit; but after I got a copy of the judgment in the case, I see it was settled so that it appears the Harmans bought out the plaintiffs and sent them packing. Well, good. And here it is. I have no idea what the lawsuit was about but the judgment appears to favor the Harmans:


One afterthought here:  The person who obtained this court order asked me not to publish it.  I told him I wouldn’t.   But after I got to looking it over and seeing what kind of little warnings lurked in it against publication,  I decided it SHOULD by all means be published.

Have a nice day, and Alan Thornburg, you can kiss me arse.



Martha Elizabeth Tackitt-Grist aka Marty Grist, Genetically Modified Incarnation of Evil

Read these 3 pages over below very carefully and you’ll see that this woman has gotten “help” to devise her wacky “answer.”  And I do mean WACKY. Somebody is stupid and has otherwise committed a serious crime by practicing law without a license.  Even though her helper is stupid, the helper is smarter than Mad Martha because there is no way she would have thought up such a caper.  I suspect the help was from someone who is not playing with a full deck but who has a background as a legal secretary or deputy clerk.  But in this case, as is usual with a “lay lawyer,” a little learning is a dangerous thing.

In addition there are three ridiculously irrelevant pages attached to Grist’s answer but not yet posted.  I’ll publish those soon.  These pages have already been scanned onto my hard drive.  If you happen to be a lawyer with a sense of humor, you can see something hilarious — the absurd claim that contributory negligence is available as an affirmative defense in a libel lawsuit.  Of course, the entire Answer is an exercise in mental disorders.

Note that this creeping pile of filth, Marty Grist, taught school in North Carolina for many years.  Can you imagine someone with the ethics of a cockroach passing them on to little impressionable children?

mad-martha-answermad-martha2mad martha3.jpg


Willard Hartsock Wifebeater

This feature is to show you WNC’s most unprosecuted criminal:

zoroWhoops!  Wrong criminal.  Here he is:


And here he is in the McDowell Hospital the night he got fitted with a colostomy bag and was getting a dilaudid drip for falling down a shaft drunk.  This is one of the nights the crazy little pointy-headed bastard sent scads of taxicabs to my door in Asheville:


More to come.  A book could be written about this nasty little scoundrel.


See what people mean who know this skank and call him a runt?  Check out those delicate little effeminate hands and the sissy pose and the open shirt showing the fuzz on his little bird chest.  Is this not a freak?

And here is a copy of one of the many warrants served on the nasty sonofabitch.  Sheriff’s deputies picked him up on Chimney Rock after he tried to give them the slip and when they cuffed him he cried like a baby: