Juliana Hides Her Beady Eyes, But not Her Bony Little ****

Such as this:

juliana ug1

Yes, this is the go-to magistrate if you want something crooked done,  like keeping an assault and battery victim from getting protection in court after he got battered in his own yard by a thug named John “Cockroach” Kisiah.  Check out Juliana’s FB.  She says she lives in New York City, but she really lives in an Asheville slum.  She also holds herself out as a lawyer which she definitively, being illiterate at law, is not.

Since I posted some photos off her FB, she has removed most of the naughty photos.   After all, shouldn’t a Buncombe County magistrate project an image of someone who is honorable, respectable, and judicious, instead of the image of a trollop?

Check out her reputation at Mylife.com under the name “Juliana Bernadette Schmitt.”   Last time I saw it, it was in the pits.


tramp stamp

And here, after considerable dissipation as an Obama groupie, is what she looks like now:

juliana ug