…unless you don’t mind getting cheated. I bought two steaks for mother’s day, a thick t-bone and a Porterhouse and marinated them in my favorite tenderizing marinade over night. The Porterhouse was so tender and delicious it would melt in your mouth, but the t-bone was tough as leather and not edible. Ingles would not make it good. The ugly obese manager at the 29 Tunnel Rd. store where I bought it said they would not refund for a bad steak if it had been “altered. Cooking it,” she said, “altered it.”

I asked her “How would you know a steak was too tough to eat unless you cooked it?”

“That’s our policy,” she said. So they would not make the steak good. The meat manager I talked to despises this woman.

I talked to a meat manager at another Ingles store, and he said every store had its own policy about bad steaks. His store, he said, would have either refunded my money or given me another steak.

In my mind Ingles’ name is now mud. Besides, I am sick and tired of all the scanner fraud. It’s not a good place to buy groceries any more. The other stores do it too, but not as frequently as Ingles does. BUYER BEWARE!