Martha Grist Illicit Motel Advertised on AirBNB

Breaking the law is nothing new to amoral old thief, Mad Martha, but here is the latest:–NC-Aurora-Drive?page=1&source=header&airbnb_plus_only=false&allow_override%5B%5D=&s_tag=8pvf9MtF

The top right photo* is a view of her basement apartment she’s using as an illegal motel.  New suckers just came in from Connecticut in a red Mazda with CHETC on the license tag, and of course there will be more comments and photos about this latest rash of dishonesty by the old beldam here at the blawg.

*Not any more.  She’s had it moved as of today, 10/24.  So go to the $67 (Kenilworth) on the map to the right and click on it and it will show you Mad Martha’s basement nest ad– 9 photos including stove, fridge, and toilet that’s always malfunctioning because it is 10′ below the level of the sewer line.

[Update:  The ad is now removed as of 28 October 2016.  I made hard copies of her pages before she took them down from AirBNB, in case they are needed as evidence in a lawsuit contemplated by several organizations and me.  I want to thank Mayor Manheimer, City Manager Gary Jackson, and Jason Nortz, Development Services Director, for their punctual responses to my emails.  On or about the 28th, Martha Grist received a notice of violation of city ordinances transmitted to her by Mr. Nortz.

She has 30 days to comply before subjecting herself to fines of $500 per day.   Now I suspect what she will do is convert her flophouse into a homestay, which means she will be required to apply for a license, application fee of $208 and have her premises inspected by city officials.  This means if she does go the homestay route that guests will live in her quarters, something she has grown to intensely dislike, since when she is off on one of her trips her guests have been known to bring in pals and do all their dirty laundry with her washer and dryer.]

Luckily for Mad Martha Grist a drought has occupied Asheville all summer and continues to prevail.  Otherwise, some of her AirBNB customers would have been flooded.   There was a flood back in the early summer and a wet mattress lay out in her yard for a week until she illegally dumped it onto the ground by the dumpsters at Star Lanes Bowling Center.  You can see it below.  This woman is endowed with the ethics of a cockroach.

Back in May, her particular swarm of scruffy, tattoo-covered millenials renting by the night were in and out and in and out and in and out in hoopties constantly with new faces and tattoos showing up every day, especially when Mad Martha was gone.  When the cat’s away the mice play, and it looked as though as many as 8 of those mutts crashed there at all hours of the night…until she ran them off.  And they just happened to be such poor drivers one of them backed into our mailbox and knocked it halfway over.  We had to hire a man to dig it up and reset it so that it was plumb again.

Now go over to the map and click on the $67 figure (over “Kenilworth Rd.”) for a display of her violations, including 9 photos.  Check out the photo of her jerry-built steep walkway between her messy place and the nice home of the Chalnicks just to the south of her.  Somewhere along this steep unlit incline her former tenant, Kerry Evans, fell in the night and broke her arm a couple of years ago.   But Kerry moved on to a habitable apartment.  There is no love lost between Kerry Evans and Mad Martha.  You can be sure that Kerry was stiffed for her medical bills.

Notice also that Martha Grist slickly evades using her last name since to call herself “Martha Grist” on her AirBNB advertisement would open her up to an internet search that would be quite revealing.  Incriminating even.  Perish the thought in her rotten little mind that she’d be exposed as an open and notorious perjurer and vexatious litigant in court filings and false testimony in courts of law.

[I’m going to publish here soon a funny series of FB posts in which Mad Martha whines like a sick mule to a number of new-age pals, begging them for prayers and support in her “dispute with my neighbor.”    Typically cunning and deceitful, she fails to report to these sympathizers that SHE is the litigatrix in all these malicious civil and criminal matters she has fired up in our poor sullied courthouse, a place well-named as a whited sepulchre.]

And finally, several weeks ago I phoned Shannon Morgan in the city’s zoning department, who is charged with enforcing the zoning laws against the sleazy people who open motels in family residence neighborhoods.  Fine is $500 per day.  This is a piddling fine when you consider that AirBNB violations in New York City draw $7500 fines and will be enforced, while corrupt mopes in our city building look the other way.

Monday, 10 October 2016, Morgan called me to whine that he had searched and searched and could not find Martha Grist’s advertising.  Then he said, “We can’t enforce against her unless we find her online ads.”  He was trying to head me off.  And  I don’t believe a word he says.  The city is infested with Scottie Shuford types.  All that was necessary was to google “Asheville AirBNB” and then stick “Aurora Drive” into AirBNB’s search window.  And VOILA!  Do this for your street and see how many illegal motels pop up.

There are a few legal B&B’s and homestays.  I saw an AirBNB homestay ad for Kenilworth where the homeowner courteously posted a copy of the homestay license for the premises.

Over ten years ago all I needed to do to prove a cathouse was rocking on Aurora Drive when skanky Scottie Shuford was still griming Asheville was to google “198 Aurora Drive, Asheville,” and it popped right up, fancy outdoor spa and all.  That’s after sleazy liar Scottie Shuford swore to me over and over again that he and his staff had searched for the ad and could find none.  That little sonofabitch threatened me with Asheville police.   Before city council threw Shuford out of his office, they should have taken him down to Pack Square and administered a public flogging.

Here is  a photo of the filthy mattress Mad Martha dumped on Star Lanes Bowling Center:


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