Sleazy Martha Grist Begs Out-of-State Facebook Group for Their Prayers

The material below involves a cry-for-help Facebook message from Mad Martha Grist,  during the morning of April 7, 2015, the day she got thrown out of court by Judge David K. Fox.  He also told her she had come into court with “unclean hands.”  That’s after she admitted to malicious libel, and after Judge Fox caught her during her testimony at 3 counts of perjury.   Yes, she lied under oath, even admitted to it in open court; yet she has never been indicted.

April 07, 2015
Mad Martha says:  “Requesting prayers as I go to court this morning with my psychopathic neighbor.  Please pray that this four year nightmare will end for me.  Can’t take much more…”

[Perhaps the common scold should have enlightened her sympathizers that she is the initiating force in this and many other court actions she whines about.  She makes it sound like she –SHE!– is being dragged through court, when it is she –SHE!– who has sworn out two arrest warrants (both dismissed), filed four perjured show-cause affidavits (all dismissed), and made countless frivolous 911 calls to police, all of which ended “unfounded.”]
 Here are the responding recipients of Mad Martha’s whining:

Elizabeth Heyward O’Reilly (who died in 2016 despite relying on hypnotherapy for a cure) says:  “Sending you calming energy and prayers for successful resolution of the problem  <3”

[You will notice that although the parasitic suck, Martha Grist, begged for and received empathies and emotional support from this dying woman, she never sent one word of condolences to her family when she  died just a few weeks later.]

Dinah Estrada Townsend (an old hippie)  says:  “Prayers for your highest good”

Darlene Horn (another ancient hippie from out of the 60’s) says:  “Prayers for the best outcome..”

Janet Marooney says:  “Sending love for the highest good of all”

Brenda Levesque Semple (intuitive reader at Blissful Wellbeing, Ontario, Canada) says:  “Asking Archangel Michael to protect you and help you cut the cords of negativity surrounding you.  Namaste.”

Pat Ward (Reiki master) says:  “Sending for your greatest good.”

Martha Grist says:  “Thanks, it turned out well, at least for now… ”

Martha Grist says: ” It’s so wonder-full to have all of your support! <3″


Now just in case you don’t know, this was her last narcissistic heyday with me in court.  She had me there under threat of arrest in her second charge of “cyberstalking.”  And yes, the first charge was thrown out too.   I could have been fined and thrown in jail if convicted.

The judge warned her not to ever perpetrate this foolishness again.  Then he threw her out on her ass, and she and her ex-shackup — Greenwood, SC village idiot Dale Owen Shaffer — sulked crestfallen out of the courtroom.

But liar that she is, she tells all these “support” women she sucks on for their emotional support that “It turned out well.”  (at least for now)

With a little googling using her name and the names of a couple of her “supporters,” you can pull all this garbage up from Facebook.

Here is the testimony of Mad Martha in the second cyberstalking case she initiated.  It is rife with her perjury; and by the way, perjury is a felony and there is no statute of limitations on perjury in North Carolina:!searchin/alt.appalachian/martha$20grist$20testimony%7Csort:relevance/alt.appalachian/asMPFcliwt8/aH7wFTiFFAAJ!topic/alt.appalachian/asMPFcliwt8

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