David Ganckkkk

The Buncombe County Bar  •

North Carolina Stewpid Lawyers Includes David Gantt in 2023

By: Gantt David about 1 week ago

I sent him a case several years ago with clear liability against another motorist. My neighbor had been severely injured in a car wreck caused by a serial drunk driver. Gantt sat on the case and was slack with it. So the injured lady went to another lawyer and settled for circa $50,000. Stupid David. He was Wanda Greene’s buttboy.

We ought to have a militant Grey Panthers organization here in Buncombe, first order of business to expose the courthouse as a golgotha. A large sign should justly be erected over the doorway into the new courthouse which loudly proclaims SUFFER EVERY WRONG THAT CAN BE DONE YOU BEFORE COMING HERE!

One should also be reminded that so many people need a jury to right the wrongs put upon them. Instead they are faced with a grim political monopoly. The message from the Federalist Papers warns us that such an unwatched force may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny. Are we not all, rich and poor, equal under the law? Yes, we are equal but some are more equal than others. And such unbridled power uproots from the minds of them who exert it all humane and gentle virtues. Instead we elderly, and the those who cannot afford lawyers and the force of law to help us, must face the law of force, not the force of law.

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