READ THIS! — Another Reason Why We Need Someone to Watch Bad Judges Like Eddie Clontz

Google this filthy little Eddie Clontz bastard. The funniest thing I read about him is in Narkive + Eddie Clontz. The article makes fun of Clontz and his wife, who is a felon embezzler who got caught stealing at the Van Winkle law firm where she was a non-lawyer employee. They gave her enough of the run of the office for her to steal over $102,000 from one of their clients before she was caught and her wrist spanked by Judge Thornburg. Susanne Marie Crotty Clontz also stole the senile old woman’s Cadillac. I understand that a lawyer in that Van Winkle firm, Her Majesty, Esther Manheimer, our Lord Mayor, was infuriated that slimy Ed Clontz married this scoundrel. Yet, birds of a feather flock together. Esther, who has her own disturbing ethical problems, wanted Eddie’s soiled black dress removed, wanted him permanently defrocked, as so many other Buncombe Countians who are knowledgeable about Clontz wish. Yes, Clontz is a scoundrel too, as will more fully appear when more is added to this page.

Call Dornetta Elkins, Clontz’s secretary in the clerk’s office, 259-sixfoursevenfive, and ask her how many cases Clontz dismissed on 1-31-23 of poor people who cannot afford lawyers. I was in the courtroom with a swarm of lawyers demanding dismissals without trial and on technicalities that were questionable, and getting them. I watched him corruptly dismiss a case brought by an elderly woman who is the victim of felony abuse of an elder. Her doctor wrote a letter explaining she could not be in court on the thirty-first because of her health. He dismissed her case with just as much care as throwing out garbage. This is the same kind of perversion of justice that recently got Clontz reprimanded by the Supreme Court of North Carolina. He obviously has no remorse, is obviously incapable of shame or remorse.

Here’s more proof of it:

I would never go back into his stunk-up courtroom with his mad bailiff, Alex “bugeyes” Devan, without witnesses, and preferably video cameras with sound. Matter of fact our legislature should in good conscience require cameras in all of the courtrooms of NC, and particularly Buncombe County. Clontz and his brother and sister, Calvin Hill and Julie Kepple, can stink up a courtroom with such a foul stench it would make a stout hog retch.

I’ll come back and tell you why Eddie and Alex (Mutt and Jeff) should be banned from the courthouse and sent packing.

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