Susan Janette McCoy, or, If They Cause Trouble in Georgia, Have Them Declared Insane and Lock Them Up

mccoy_bond-1susan mccoy

It’s difficult for me to believe what happened to this woman – a mother, a practicing lawyer, a wife, and a good person without a criminal record.  She stood up and protested the financing of the Braves stadium in Cobb County, and the first thing that happened to her is that someone burned down her fence in the yard of her beautiful home.

Coming soon:  the transcript of the hearing in which a lowly crooked magistrate, Phillip P. Taylor, has her locked up in jail without bond.  Crooked officials even brought in  a psychiatrist as a hired gun to testify that she was dangerous.   Didn’t both Stalin and Hitler have dissidents declared insane?  And the Romans and Greeks recognized the phenomenon:  “Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.”




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