What’s happening nearby, neighbor, is that sadly several restaurants in Asheville serve foie gras, while NYC is in process of declaring this product of barbarity illegal. While the atrocity of torturing ducks and geese is committed to please the palates of the unconscionable, to be silent about it is to be an accessory to it. Use your search engine to learn just how cruel and evil production of foie gras is.


…unless you don’t mind getting cheated. I bought two steaks for mother’s day, a thick t-bone and a Porterhouse and marinated them in my favorite tenderizing marinade over night. The Porterhouse was so tender and delicious it would melt in your mouth, but the t-bone was tough as leather and not edible. Ingles would not make it good. The ugly obese manager at the 29 Tunnel Rd. store where I bought it said they would not refund for a bad steak if it had been “altered. Cooking it,” she said, “altered it.”

I asked her “How would you know a steak was too tough to eat unless you cooked it?”

“That’s our policy,” she said. So they would not make the steak good. The meat manager I talked to despises this woman.

I talked to a meat manager at another Ingles store, and he said every store had its own policy about bad steaks. His store, he said, would have either refunded my money or given me another steak.

In my mind Ingles’ name is now mud. Besides, I am sick and tired of all the scanner fraud. It’s not a good place to buy groceries any more. The other stores do it too, but not as frequently as Ingles does. BUYER BEWARE!

Tic Tac UFO “Dogfighting” with Cmdr. David Fravor

Tic Tac UFO “Dogfighting” with Cmdr. David Fravor

Fravor flying his US Navy Super Hornet off the coast of California:

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Engaged, Hell! Fravor’s Super Hornet Was Not Armed: No Rockets and No Guns!

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7:26 PM (4 minutes ago) to

From the article with the dazzling photo of the tic-tac, in DECIDER:

Showtime’s ‘UFO’ Docuseries Includes a Dogfight Right Out of ‘Independence Day’
By Brett White
Aug 16, 2021 at 8:30am
UFO (2021) Official Trailer

Y’know how Independence Day is a fully preposterous and actively ridiculous excessive display of ’90s blockbuster extremes? It’s got everything: catch phrases, a UFO cult, Brent Spiner as a meat puppet, Judd Hirsch, apocalyptic property damage, patriotic speeches, an indestructible dog, a courageous stripper, President Floppy Hair, Randy Quaid’s most dignified performance, and—of course—Will Smith dragging an alien’s corpse across the desert, screaming, “I could’ve been at a barbecue!”

But there’s at least one major thing that the 1996 box office giant has in common with J. J. Abrams’ Showtime docuseries U.F.O.: an alien vs. jet dogfight.
Will Smith in Independence Day
Photo: Everett Collection

For real—as in for real for real. According to an article published in the New York Times and the eyewitness accounts of at least three different Naval officers who were present, a United States fighter jet was engaged in an aerial altercation with a literal unidentified flying object. As far as we know, everyone on the aircraft carrier was too shocked to make a “Welcome to Earth” joke.

This tale is told in the first half of U.F.O.’s second episode, and it’s a tale that still haunts Kevin Day, former chief of radar operation on the USS Princeton. Day speaks out about this incident, along with Princeton radar operator Gary Voorhis and, via a podcast appearance, former U.S. Navy pilot David Fravor. Their stories all line up, and it is wild.

And it should be noted up top that U.F.O. created footage of the dogfight based on the eyewitness accounts. The only real video footage can be seen in the video towards the bottom of this article.

The facts are this: in November 2004, while training 100 miles off the coast of San Diego, Day’s radar started to pick up a group of objects near Catalina Island. He noted that they were flying way too high and way too slow to, uh, be doing that. Anything moving like that would fall out of the sky, but this flock of unidentified dots were just cruising.
UFO – Tic Tac incident
Photo: Showtime

After watching this anomaly buzz around on radar for three days, Voorhis noticed that they were getting close enough to see via binoculars. What did he see? He saw a Tic Tac shaped thing on the horizon, zipping left to right and disappearing and reappearing.

The captain of the USS Princeton was done waiting around. He contacted two Navy pilots from the USS Nimitz to go check this object out—and one of them was David Fravor. What those pilots saw was, according to Fravor’s account, otherworldly. They saw a 40-foot long Tic Tac skimming the surface of the Pacific, darting in every direction. Fravor got too close.
UFO – Tic Tac incident
Photo: Showtime

The Tic Tac started skimming around his jet! It chased him, darted around in front of him, and caused him to shout back to the ship, “I’m engaged! I’m engaged!” And then, in a blip, it’s gone. When Day went to get the recordings of the incident, they were already gone. As Voorhis remembers, some mystery dudes in casual clothes came and took all the tapes and discs. The captain who ordered the alien encounter acted like he forgot about the whole thing. No one talked about it until that NY Times report and last year when the Pentagon declassified the videos.
[close quote] Thanks to our friends at DECIDER for letting us quote this passage from their article:

Engaged, Hell! Fravor’s Super Hornet Was Not Armed: No Rockets and No Guns!

——Click on AMP button at top of screen for a better image of the tic tac.—–

I’m Back with 2 Pfizer Shots in Me

And in another week I should be 95% immune to the virus, covid-19, at least the version before all the mutations. Now I need my glasses changed for better bifocals and an end to the asthma that has dogged me for years. I’m better. I’m getting there. Thanks to all my friends and family for the good wishes and staying in touch.

Juliana Hides Her Beady Eyes, But not Her Bony Little ****

Such as this:

juliana ug1

Yes, this is the go-to magistrate if you want something crooked done,  like keeping an assault and battery victim from getting protection in court after he got battered in his own yard by a thug named John “Cockroach” Kisiah.  Check out Juliana’s FB.  She says she lives in New York City, but she really lives in an Asheville slum.  She also holds herself out as a lawyer which she definitively, being illiterate at law, is not.

Since I posted some photos off her FB, she has removed most of the naughty photos.   After all, shouldn’t a Buncombe County magistrate project an image of someone who is honorable, respectable, and judicious, instead of the image of a trollop?

Check out her reputation at under the name “Juliana Bernadette Schmitt.”   Last time I saw it, it was in the pits.


tramp stamp

And here, after considerable dissipation as an Obama groupie, is what she looks like now:

juliana ug

Photos of Aircraft Project Stolen from Hangar 2B at KFQD by EAA Ch. 309 in a Conspiracy with the Thief, Rosaly Donner McIntosh






Just in case you wonder, the men of EAA 309 got led into thievery by an evil woman, Rosaly Donner McIntosh, who has a history of thievery herself, federal mail fraud, federal wire fraud, lying under oath, shoplifting, leaving a restaurant without paying her bill, and lying to law-enforcement officers with intent to commit malicious prosecution .

McIntosh owned the hangar and told John C. Garabedian, Holliday Obrecht, Jim Hall, and others the Super Cub project belonged to her husband who had just died.  (In fact, her husband, Carl Roy McIntosh, had died in 2001, almost 17 years ago.)   So they believed, or so they said, she had the authority to donate this rare vintage aircraft to them, although everyone at KFQD Rutherford County Airport knew when Carl McIntosh died and that his widow had been a widow for almost two decades.    So Chapter 309 EAA did steal the Super Cub project and it was difficult getting them to agree to give it back to the true owner.  And yes, they agreed to give it back but didn’t.  Greed is so compelling.  The whole crowd at Ch. 309 is infested with either psychopaths or sociopaths like Johnnie Garabedian, Jim Hall, and Holliday Obrecht, the thieves who took the PA-18 to begin with and had ample notice that it did not belong to Rosaly McIntosh.

If you’ll notice the internet link to Google Groups is no longer any good and that is because the scoundrels at EAA Ch. 309 in Charlotte took it from public to private.  And now they have scrubbed it altogether.  They did not want you to know just what a gang of thieving scoundrels they really are.

Notice that photo no. 3 shows a part of the frame of my English Wheel.  It is yellow.  What a band of thieves!

Cullen Gregory Anderson Pages

Ccullen pic 2CULLENtheDRUNK.  Yeah, can you tell he’s soused?

Asheville, NC

The jerks at Topix refuse to publish this truth, while the bastard Cullen Anderson slanders me daily.




Spotted You wrote:
Most trolls on Topix are huge liars so take what they say with a grain of salt. Nuf said!

How about this official record of driving drunk and on the wrong side of the road on a heavily traveled highway? You pled guilty, and did 7 days in jail: Anderson, Cullen Gregory in 2014 right after Christmas, 2013. Documents and mugshots coming soon to the blog.

Costs were a whopping fine and $290 in court costs, plus what you paid the Minick Law Firm to represent you in front of a District Court Judge, and ADA Nickie Benjamin prosecuting you. Looks like you were out over $5,000 and no driver license for at least a year. No wonder you’re pissed at lawyers, but you were the villain in all of this. Did that 7 days in the pokey dry you out a little? Well, it didn’t stick.

Do a search on “Anderson,Cullen,Gregory ” [in quotes]

History repeated itself this Christmas because a few days before the 25th, you were raving drunk at J&S Cafeteria in Oakley. A bunch of us saw you making a fool of yourself. You bought a takeout, staggered out, and got into your car and drove away. I was in a hurry to get a hot meal to a sick person or I would have gotten videos of the spectacle. And yes, I should have called and reported a DWI because you would have blown a .25 like you did in 2013. Oh, wait! Maybe somebody did call the cops.


And all that bluster and taunting you did to Cecil Bothwell about his DWI!

Anderson Cullen Gregory, 21 OAKMONT DR, FAIRVIEW NC 28730 – DUI/DWI – 12-02-2013…

Topix Shadow Ban Tampering

shadow ban topix

And here is the post:

Brownie Newman, Chair Bunc Cy Board of Commissioners

Nepotism! Another of Our Slick Services Here in Buncombe

Bring your brothers, your sisters, sons, husbands, wives, cousins, everyone of blood kin for employment here in Buncombe County! For example, high-dollar employee, Wanda Greene, ($300,000+) had her needy sister and crafty son working for us and they had a grand old time with their hands in the pockets of the taxpayers. Nepotism may not promote honesty or hard work, but it does promote great graft and the politics that goes along with it and that’s what me and David Gankk always perfered. So if you work for our political machine at BCSD, in the courthouse, as a screwlteacher, or in our huge property tax office staffed with borned preditors, or in any one of our nepotistical Buncombe County agencies (good for votes!), we’ll pervide your kin folks with lucerative slots too and we’ll have a big family incest ortgy of doling out the taxpayers’ loot togither.  Bye the way we have the best judges money can buy.  Come see us about buying a judge for your next action in the courthouse!   And I have good news for you if your good at our breed of chitcannery and kleptockracy (fraud, waste, and abuse of the taxpayers’ dollars)– property taxes are going up again!!!

Here’s more shadow bans by Topix of Palo Alto, CA:

shadow ban topix4

And here is the post, which no one can see (but the person who wrote it):


shadow ban topix3

And here is more shadow-banned material, from 1/7/2018:

The topic is “Wanda greene”(sic).  The message banned would have been #5.

CKS wrote:
Disgusting in every facet, Greene most of all, but also include those that received huge sums of money knowing in their hearts this was not right (think = Van Duncan an elected official who received a retention bonus….go figure). County Commissioners solidly displayed they were either complicit or incompetent and either way need to step down and be replaced. The list goes on. Who will go to prison for this? I’m betting Wanda Greene will serve time. [close quote]

Now that there’s an objective US Attorney who is not a Democrat, maybe the investigation will produce indictments.

I just learned a little more of the incest that goes on in Buncombe government. Greene’s sister**, Peggy Hughes, works in Van Duncan’s ID bureau and boys is she ever a liar and a crook! If you go to her requesting the forms to fill out for a concealed carry license, she will crawl up a tree backwards lying to you why you can’t have them. They’re public records, folks. They are there for the benefit of the public and you paid for them and are entitled to see them, although she says you’re not until you’ve passed the course in firearms safety.

In addition all the women “manning” that office will lie to you about mugshots. They claim they only have mugshots of felons there, but if you look at the sheriff’s mugshots online you’ll see them for everyone, felon and misdemeanant alike (except for some criminals like Cullen Anderson who happen to be Van’s lapdogs). And if you happen to be a critic of our crooked little fat sheriff*, they will line you up and snap a mugshot on you and publish it on the internet for such heinous crimes as jaywalking or for exercising your right to exercise freedom of speech.

And isn’t it odd that the minute you ask a question that makes one of these blabby know-it-all women uncomfortable she’ll demand your driver’s license and run to the back with it and take her time while you stand there like a knot on a log waiting 15 minutes wondering why she took it to begin with.

I remember some of the corruption when Lawrence Brown was sheriff, and yes, Harry P. Clay went corrupt too, and then Thomas Morrissey, rotten as roadkill, a knee-walking drunk, and used the women’s jail for his personal brothel. Believe me, Van Duncan is corrupt and he fosters corruption and surrounds himself with crooked, arrogant, dishonest people. He’s no better than his corrupt predecessors.

*crooked little fat incompetent sheriff

**Greene’s other sister still works for the county, in accounts payable.   Her name is Irene Wolfe.  So I’m concluding that Greene’s two sisters are Irene Skillington Wolfe, and Peggy Skillington Hughes, both of them employed with Buncombe County.


Psychopath Willard Hartsock Crimes of Moral Turpitude

The charges:


Arraigned Offenses for Case Number:                    2017051397 CR
Arraigned Defendant Name:                    HARTSOCK,WILLARD,LEROY
County:                    MCDOWELL
Court Date:                    09/08/2017
Session:                    AM
Court Room:                    0001

Offense Code         Description         Statute
5592          Felony ALTER TITLE          20-71(A)
2636          Misdemeanor FRAUD DISPOSAL MORTGAGE PROP          14-114

<< Back

Then there’s this whiny post he apparently wrote in Topix last night:

Willard Hartsock,Asheville, NC

Me and Elaine sponsered a trail here in the Smokies you can see our ad with me.. the little short feller with the pot belly and Elaine posing on the trail by the sign on my Bill Hartsock Facebook… So this is what I get for being a good citazen and a authenic US Navy SEAL a confidicial informent to catch vilolent crimals… No good deeds goes unpunished !!!  [close quote]

All the material about this felony arrest has been erased from Asheville Topix, due to Hartsock frantically emailing Topix to complain.  But there’s hope!

You can bet your sweet biffy a lot of people will be glad when this inveterate scoundrel is hauled off to the crossbar hotel.

      Here Willard and some unknown person are posing for one of Willard’s many narcissistic displays.  The woman who sent me this photo remarked, “He’s an ugly little schlump with a big pot belly.
IMG_0118  Now what the dirty little skank is trying to do is make everyone believe the charges against him were dismissed.  Yes, two counts were dismissed in exchange for his guilty plea and sentence for disposing of mortgaged property.  Notice that Hartsock was represented by a hired attorney.  That cost him an arm and a leg, as well as over $6,000 in restitution and court costs.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

You can be sure this scandal is a big embarrassment to the Reels who have a good name in Marion, that a Reel daughter married this bum.

 Then there’s this! ——————>>hartsock restnhartsock evidNowhartsock guilty1