Topix Shadow Ban Tampering

shadow ban topix

And here is the post:

Brownie Newman, Chair Bunc Cy Board of Commissioners

Nepotism! Another of Our Slick Services Here in Buncombe

Bring your brothers, your sisters, sons, husbands, wives, cousins, everyone of blood kin for employment here in Buncombe County! For example, high-dollar employee, Wanda Greene, ($300,000+) had her needy sister and crafty son working for us and they had a grand old time with their hands in the pockets of the taxpayers. Nepotism may not promote honesty or hard work, but it does promote great graft and the politics that goes along with it and that’s what me and David Gankk always perfered. So if you work for our political machine at BCSD, in the courthouse, as a screwlteacher, or in our huge property tax office staffed with borned preditors, or in any one of our nepotistical Buncombe County agencies (good for votes!), we’ll pervide your kin folks with lucerative slots too and we’ll have a big family incest ortgy of doling out the taxpayers’ loot togither.  Bye the way we have the best judges money can buy.  Come see us about buying a judge for your next action in the courthouse!   And I have good news for you if your good at our breed of chitcannery and kleptockracy (fraud, waste, and abuse of the taxpayers’ dollars)– property taxes are going up again!!!

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And here is the post, which no one can see (but the person who wrote it):

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