Re Lowes Hdw and Klunky Troybilt Weedeater I Bought from the Jerks at Lowes, 89 S. Tunnel Rd. Asheville, NC

I made the mistake of buying one of these bastardized 4-stroke string trimmers from Lowes in Asheville. It is a pile of junk, take it from me, who rebuilds aircraft engines and believes in perfection and meticulous care of machinery. The cutting head got hot and seized the first time I used it because it had not been greased at the factory. It leaks all the oil out of the engine, no matter what position it is in and even when it is not in use. It leaks all its gasoline too. This is a weedeater from hell. I have about 2 hours on the POS. I’d like to ram it down the throat of Troybilt’s CEO, Lowes CEO, and the Lowes store manager on Tunnel Rd. in Asheville. Oh, yeah, and it will not run until it is warmed up and that takes 5+ minutes of running, dying, cranking, dying, running, dying, and re-cranking. I used to have a good opinion of Troybilt. Not any more. Now it’s associated in my mind with Rube Goldberg, junkyard trash, and the klunky rattletrap East German Trabant automobile. I have a friend with an accursed Troybilt rotor tiller. It leaks oil like a sieve and he can’t find parts for it, such as a crankshaft seal. Go to hell, Troybilt!

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