Judge Sam Cathey Public Corruption

First the dropbox link to an MP3, a recording of his sentence

Now you can hear the sentence, later altered, by the scheisster, Samuel A. Cathey, a judge of the State of North Carolina.




I’ll come back and try my best to get you the audio, which has been erased by hackers off my blog so many times, including by the webhost from hell, iPage*.  The mp3 has even been removed from my hard drive and MS Onedrive by hackers, and an idiotic 1.5 minute blabber by Marty Grist substituted in its place.

The reason why officials in high places do not want this audio file heard BY ANYONE is that an altered criminal district court judgment sits in the office of our crooked racketeering clerk, Steve Cogburn.   This judgment sentences the defendant, me, to 30 days’ active time — BUT IT HAS BEEN FORGED.   AND NEW COURTROOM MINUTES HAVE BEEN ALSO FORGED.  Cogburn is also in on this felony, which makes him a felon too.  He’s the sonofabitch who jumped in my face and threatened me and pitched a howling fit in the lobby of the clerk’s office when I went to the clerk’s office to confront him about the forgery.  One of his excuses was that just about all criminal judgments have “white-out” correction fluid on them when they are filed.  Well, that’s bullshit.  The judgment first issued a sentence of 30 days suspended for one year, unsupervised probation, and pay the costs.   All of this I appealed, against the obsessive meddlesome begging of my shitbird attorney, Keith Hanson, not to appeal.  You can hear him on the mp3 begging me not to appeal.  He was carrying water for the other side.  But I did appeal, and once the judge made his 30 days suspended for a year sentence, the entire file was out of his hands.  He had NO jurisdiction to come back later and alter the judgment, by forging a new one.

But that’s just exactly what the sonofabitch did.  And this particular blog entry is to warn the public that our courthouse in Buncombe is full of corruption.  And yes, the judges are corrupt too.  One or two corrupt you can deal with (and that’s one or two too many), but I have oodles of them to tell you about who are also corrupt.

*I’m warning you not to ever put any money down that rathole.

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