Psychopath Willard Hartsock Crimes of Moral Turpitude

The charges:


Arraigned Offenses for Case Number:                    2017051397 CR
Arraigned Defendant Name:                    HARTSOCK,WILLARD,LEROY
County:                    MCDOWELL
Court Date:                    09/08/2017
Session:                    AM
Court Room:                    0001

Offense Code         Description         Statute
5592          Felony ALTER TITLE          20-71(A)
2636          Misdemeanor FRAUD DISPOSAL MORTGAGE PROP          14-114

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Then there’s this whiny post he apparently wrote in Topix last night:

Willard Hartsock,Asheville, NC

Me and Elaine sponsered a trail here in the Smokies you can see our ad with me.. the little short feller with the pot belly and Elaine posing on the trail by the sign on my Bill Hartsock Facebook… So this is what I get for being a good citazen and a authenic US Navy SEAL a confidicial informent to catch vilolent crimals… No good deeds goes unpunished !!!  [close quote]

All the material about this felony arrest has been erased from Asheville Topix, due to Hartsock frantically emailing Topix to complain.  But there’s hope!

You can bet your sweet biffy a lot of people will be glad when this inveterate scoundrel is hauled off to the crossbar hotel.

      Here Willard and some unknown person are posing for one of Willard’s many narcissistic displays.  The woman who sent me this photo remarked, “He’s an ugly little schlump with a big pot belly.
IMG_0118  Now what the dirty little skank is trying to do is make everyone believe the charges against him were dismissed.  Yes, two counts were dismissed in exchange for his guilty plea and sentence for disposing of mortgaged property.  Notice that Hartsock was represented by a hired attorney.  That cost him an arm and a leg, as well as over $6,000 in restitution and court costs.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

You can be sure this scandal is a big embarrassment to the Reels who have a good name in Marion, that a Reel daughter married this bum.

 Then there’s this! ——————>>hartsock restnhartsock evidNowhartsock guilty1

Asheville’s Blog – – Is a Despicable Scam

Try posting a comment to any of City Hall’s self-infatuated deceptive blog entries.    Was the comment published?  It doesn’t make any difference what you write.  It won’t be published.  Same goes for Asheville’s Twitter and Asheville’s Facebook.  However, if you grovel at the Twitter site and at Asheville’s Facebook, you might get published.  If it is criticism, it will be whitewashed, no matter how constructive the criticism is.

If you twit our twit mayor – @esthermanheimer – you’ll be blocked unless you grovel at her feet and speak worshipful sycophant things to her.  You can see on my blog below where she has blocked me.  I approached her after she flipflopped on her short-term rental stance.  She’s now in bed with AirBnB and its pals on city council, Cecil Bothwell, Keith Young, and Brian Haynes.  Of course, it doesn’t make that much difference, does it?:  Asheville corruptly pretends to enforce the ordinances against short-term rentals, but does not.  Asheville is just another little Tammany Hall and its sleazy little city manager, Gary Jackson, another Boss Tweed.  A few people on city council want Gary Jackson gone (and Gary is a real sleazebag), but they are NOT the majority, who are just as corrupt and decadent as Gary is.  Remember who they are, and keep the memory, for next election when we can dump them.

Here is a comment I just made today, 6/24/2017.  Let’s see if the moderator OK’d it.  Betcha $100 to a nickel it will not make it.  I’ll come back later with more:

2:42 PM 6/24/2017

Did you get a good look at that photo – two women, a doggie, and a child on a bike with training wheels in the street with a truck headed their way, and NO sidewalks! Folks, this is what you call disinformation, or fake news.
Nobody would be stupid enough to walk in the middle of a city street in Asheville unless it’s a cul-de-sac. And why? Because the traffic is typically anti-pedestrian and often vicious.
Our street is dangerous like that and when kids walk or bike it they are ready to leap for the bushes when a car or truck approaches. I am too. I see motorists typically driving 35 and sometimes 50mph+ on this street when the speed limit should be enforced at 15 mph, the way it is on Wyoming, the street Kenilworth Park is on, just a few blocks down the street from here. You never see cops here unless they creep in to do something sadistic or speed in to chase an inmate of the halfway house up the street, or engage in some form of dirty revenge politics like elder abuse against one of their critics, or pretend by zooming in with 3 cruisers and 5 uniformed officers that they’re protecting a false-pretending drama queen who has misused the 911 emergency caller line. Our cops love to make unfounded calls based on false allegations.
But traffic calming is beneath our city police.


Here’s another comment at an article on the coablog about affordable housing in Asheville.  You’ll never find this comment there because city hall is not into the transparency of allowing citizens of Asheville to make comments:

afford housing

Crooked, Pencil-Whipped Police Report by Dirty Cop, Brandon Shope, and His Conniving Pals at Asheville Police Department, Plus His Dirty Little Magistrate, Juliana M. Schmitt aka Juliana B. Schmitt

I want you to see this corrupt cop document, and I also want to fill you in on how APD does its dirty business with the filthiest of filthy politics:

Incident_17010367crook5You can be sure that this document has been tampered with since Saturday, 29 April 2017, that it oozes with malevolence and dishonesty, and that it was designed to give me hell converting it to a JPG to post on this page.  Note the misspelling “Kisioh.”  That’s most likely to flummox a search if someone in their dirty officialdom enters his real name “Kisiah” for a search in police records.  Or the bad Kisiah seed has a driver’s license in that name.  Cops are such devious critters.   Don’t bother searching “Kisioh.”  Don’t google it because there’s NOTHING there.  I already tried.  More lying by corrupt cops.

No telling what the APD thugs have in their secret dossiers on me.  Lots of arrests on false, malicious, and frivolous charges can be found.  NO CONVICTIONS!  But they keep trying and in this case they have tried to reverse the roles and make the perps into the victims, and me –the victim– into a perp.  So many cops, so many sleazebags.  Beware!  And don’t expect your cops or your public officials to be honest.  The little skank who runs the city — Gary Jackson, brought here after he was fired from Fort Worth, Texas for acts of moral turpitude –is crookeder than a bucketful of pit vipers.

I want to thank the chief resident superior court judge, the smirking asshole, Alan “Little Lacy” Thornburg, for appointing that filthy little slut a magistrate.  Thanks, Little Lacy!  You polished turd.


Notice how Mad Martha lies,  says she is a schoolteacher for Governor Morland School.  It’s Governor Morehead School, if you want it spelled correctly, Shope.

Nope.  She doesn’t work there.  She got kicked out of that organization of thieving scammers who steal from the taxpayers years ago.  No telling how many outrageous lies that filthy old whore told redneck Brandon Shope.  I have watched her.  She knows how to work a man, especially a stupid one like Shope.

Now the cop, Brandon Shope, who came to my house after I called 911, first took my statement before going across the street to hear two sets of lies from the two hags — Martha Grist at 200 Aurora and Vanessa Bell, up the street at 202 Aurora, house owned by Hedy Fischer.    These two tag-team accomplices by some miraculous coincidence happened to have been watching Kisiah do his violence from their homes, behind the safety of their windows.

Yes, a skell by the name, John Kisiah, (a rainbow family hippy as described by Brandon Shope) — here’s his FB: — came into my yard and attacked me when I stopped him from tearing down my sign in my yard.  He was having trouble turning the screw on a C-clamp getting the sign unclamped from its moorings, and I watched for a second and then ran over to him from just a few feet away yelling, “Get away from that!”

Meanwhile, Martha Grist had emerged and was standing on her stoop grinning like a jackass eating cactus.  She had hired him to do it.

He wouldn’t stop so I whacked him a couple of times with some long-handled loppers I was using to trim in the yard, but he kept on.  I tried to avoid hitting him in the head, but now I think I should have really let him have it right across his mug.   The next thing I knew he pummeled me with both of his arms and hands, knocked the breath out of me, and knocked me down.

Kisiah was earlier in the day able to climb like a cat on Mad Martha’s roof.  He was born in 1962 and I was born in 1944 so I did not have the physical prowess to defend myself against him.  I should have been carrying an equalizer with a blade or a trigger.

So he tore up the sign and jumped into his gray Chevy van with the rack on top and yelled “You’re a dead man” as he waved the paper sign at me and smirked.  He turned his wheels in my direction. I picked up a couple of big rocks while I’m still trying to get my breath.  And, you know, I don’t know WHAT happened to the rock that I threw at him, but he quickly drove away with my sign.

OK, so that is what?, on a peaceful balmy Saturday afternoon here in Kenilworth which purports to be civilized, at least 4 crimes he has committed here on my turf:  assault and battery, trespassing, damage to property, and a death threat.  And no doubt in my mind: a criminal conspiracy with Mad Martha Grist.  He is her yard boy, houseboy, and gutter cleaner, plus whatever other services he performs for her behind closed doors.

So the first big lie by Brandon Shope is “simple assault.”  An assault is merely putting someone in fear of immediate bodily harm.  An assault does not mean bodily contact.  That is a battery.  I was battered and I’m still sore.  Still sore today, 5/6/2017, and getting ready to go to the emergency room, and having trouble getting my breath because of the deep pain in my rib cage, and an injured back that Alleve won’t help.

So the cop lied when he said there were no injuries, and I showed him where the creep scratched the blood out of my left hand.  He told me to take a photo of it, which I did as he watched, saying that the photo would be time-stamped as evidence.

Then Shope leaves out all the other offenses from his report.  This dirty cop’s story gets thicker and sleazier as it unfolds, while other cops like Jonathan Brown and Quentin Miller later covered for Shope.  Miller had the gall to tell me that Shope had called the magistrate, “…but he didn’t tell her not to give you a warrant.”   Yes, he did, you lying shitbird.  She said so.

After I told Shope how I was attacked and my property destroyed in my own yard by a man who worked for Mad Martha Grist,  he went over there and spent 10 or 15 minutes.  And you can be sure since she is a prodigious and notorious liar, and will lie under oath without a worry in the world, that she filled his head full of lies…and canoodled him.  She’s good at it.  She’s tried it with me, over and over again since she first slithered onto this street sometime around 2005.

Then the old canoodler sent Shope to see the angry old hag, Vanessa Bell, Grist’s next-door neighbor who also happened, by a fortuitous coincidence, to have been watching the violence from inside her home where she just happened to have been peering out to the locus in quo when the violence began.

Isn’t it strange that Vanessa Bell does not appear on the police report?  Or that when Shope came back to see me his attitude had grown dark, foreboding, unfriendly?

Shope handed me a tiny slip of paper with the name, John Kisiah, on it and his birthday, 9/13/62.  He also wrote:  “report #17-010367” and said “You can get a copy of it as soon as I have filed it.”

I’m going to show you a photo of it here on this page.

Then the sorry sonofabitch told me he would do nothing further.  “You can go to the magistrate’s office and swear out a warrant.”

“Does Kisiah have a record?” I asked.  And Shope said that he did not.  But I guarantee you that he does.  Noncriminals don’t do the things that Kisiah did.

So about 30 minutes later, I got a ride to the magistrate’s office in downtown Asheville at the jail they call the detention center where so many people suffer mysterious deaths.  As soon as I got buzzed in, the scowling young woman who was seated there without a nameplate had already been tipped off, she said, by Brandon Shope.  I couldn’t even tell her what happened.  She wouldn’t let me.  The only thing she asked me about:  “Did you have a sign in your yard?  What did it say?”   Yeah, she’s one of those wacky millenials who does not believe in freedom of speech or the Bill of Rights.  And is pea-brained.  And believes just anybody should be able to trespass in your yard and tear it down.  Here is the sign.  Do you see anything illegal about it?


“I have already heard all I need to know about this, so I am denying you a warrant,” the magistrate said. (She would not give me her name). — But I know it now:  Juliana Schmitt —  “The officer told me not to give you a warrant.”  I tried to speak again and she stopped me with her angry gestures rife with ” Shut up or I’ll hold you in CONTEMPT!,” so all I could do was turn around and walk out the door.

John Kisiah, Ray Kisiah’s son, the Rainbow Family hippy:  kisiah

You can also read about this creep in Usenet (Google Groups) where he posts about Rainbow things, such as:  “to all family please bring american spirit tobacco to the world gathering in austrialia .     love kat-o-pillar”

He has couch-surfing pages too where he tells about how many places where he has squatted all over the world.  And if you believe what he tells you, you’ll believe anything.

And in alt.gathering.rainbow, the parasite, John Kisiah, posts this message, begging for cash:  “Note, Australian hippies DO NOT recommend that people arrive via Brisbane, Queensland, due to the fact that Queensland in general and Brisbane in particular is VERY STRICT on searching for contraband [like the fave illegal drugs of the rainbows: psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, methamphetamines, and concentrated cannabis oil, all felonies] AND meeting financial requirements for entry (AUD1000 per month); instead, they DO recommend that everyone arrive via Sydney, even though it is actually MUCH further away from Tenterfield than Brisbane is.

On a related note, be advised that tobacco is VERY expensive in Australia, and organic tobacco is virtually illegal (due to unauthorized production); so, BRING your full tobacco allowance, preferably organic American Spirit, whether you smoke or not.  Also, many more sage [smudge*] sticks are needed here.  Organic tobacco and sage sticks may be traded for whatever you may need here.

BTW, Katopiller is now recieving donations of any kind at:

John Kisiah
c/o General Delivery
Tenterfield NSW 2372

*Sage smudge sticks are some kind of incense these idiot hippies burn while uttering incantations and prayers to “purify” their auras:

Here is something fairly recent about our dopehead, John Alexander Kisiah:

  Charge 1: Possess Marij Paraphernalia Charging County: Buncombe, NC Charge Date: 02/22/2016

Charge 2: Possess Marijuana Up To 1/2 Oz Charging County: Buncombe, NC Charge Date: 02/22/2016

We have detected that John Alexander Kisiah, a resident of Asheville, North Carolina has been charged by Buncombe County, with charges of Possess Marij Paraphernalia and Possess Marijuana Up To 1/2 Oz.

Offender Details:
Case Details:
Full Name: John Alexander Kisiah
Address: 10 Woodbury Rd
City: Asheville
State: NC
Zip Code: 28804
Date of Birth: 09/xx/1962 [9/13/1962]
Race: W
Charging County: Buncombe County, North Carolina
Case Number: 2016CR 001601
Charge: Possess Marij Paraphernalia
Type: M
Charge Date: 02/22/2016
Case Number: 2016CR 001601
Charge: Possess Marijuana Up To 1/2 Oz
Type: M
Charge Date: 02/22/2016 [end]

 Now if they dismissed these charges against John Alexander Kisiah, that means he is one of their stoolies, or what you’d call a CI, confidential informant, on the police payroll.  They very well may have been the agency which sent the sonofabitch over here.
But then there is this, from a deep internet search using more than just google:  1993 Two members of the Rainbow Family, which is planning a gathering of about 20,000 people in the Talladega National Forest [Alabama] next month, were arrested during the weekend by forest service officials after refusing to leave a campground. ——->>John Kisiah of Asheville, N.C.,<<—— and Bill LeTemp of Columbia, S.C. were arrested on trespassing charges Saturday and placed in custody at the Calhoun County Jail.[end]   These were federal charges that ended in convictions, guaranteed.sign no. 2
This is the latest sign.  It is being closely observed by eyes and lenses.  If it gets torn down, somebody will probably get hurt.  And then another sign will replace it.
Now let’s see if I can get you a photo of skanky Brandon Shope.  Is he drunk or what?
Would you like biological information on Juliana B. Schmitt?  Just do a net search on that piece of work.   Look at her Facebooks and 2 or more Twitters and notice how she alters her name.  And she wants you to think she lives in NYC.  Juliana has the moral compass of a cockroach.

Mad Martha’s Illegal Motel, 200 Aurora Drive

toilet clogged

The reason why the toilet clogged?   It has a Rube Goldberg pump to get solid waste up to the sewer line which is 10 ft. higher than the crapper.  This is the kind of mess you get into when you violate the building code and go ahead and do major construction work on a house without applying for a building permit — violation of which is a crime in NC.

But then I have already established that she commits a crime every day that she rents this fleabag motel by the night.  While sleazebag city manager, Gary Jackson, does nothing she is violating an ordinance with a $500 per day fine.

Mad Martha says she keeps a toilet plunger just outside the exit door.  If I were renting a motel room from the amoral old hag like Mad Martha, wouldn’t that be a red flag to see a toilet plunger in such an obtrusive place, sticking out like a sore thumb?  And a sign that says:  “Just in case the toilet runs over and shit spills out all over the bathroom and kitchen floor.”

Back before Martha Grist installed the “shit pump” on the toilet, she was running the sewer from that commode into a creek behind her house.  I saw the pipe.  I saw Dale Owen Shaffer watch as Martha Grist flushed the commode, to see that the pipe was working.

Shortly I made photos of  sewerage, tampons, toilet paper, used Kotex, and other hazardous materials draining down toward Kenilworth Rd. and showed the pictures of all this odious mess to MSD.  They did nothing but try to lay it on a homeless person camping in the woods.    Only, nobody ever camps back there in that hellhole.

____________________ “So nice.   I can flip my cigarette butts into the neighbors’s yards.”

—- latest illegal tenant, B Gross, from Michigan in a grey Chevy with vanity plate ‘B GROSS.’  10:30 a. m., 4/25/2017

Here is Martha’s illegal stove in the apartment she rents by the night as a homestay:

martha kitchenNow she has removed this photo from the pictures at her AirBnB site and substituted a photo without the stove.  You can surmise that the stove was either temporarily moved from the kitchen to a storage area in the basement by her houseboy John Kisiah and then put right back where it was, or it’s in a basement storage area near Martha’s furnace.   Two weeks ago, the stove was still on Martha’s AirBnB site.

Which brings me to an email I just recently received from Diane Darcy Meek, the temporary director of Development Services [i. e., Diane Darcy is in charge of zoning (non)enforcement]  —

Diane Meek

[salutation redacted]

I am following up on your complaint about the use of the property at 200 Aurora Drive.  You are correct that the Owner is in possession on an active Homestay permit for the property.


Our staff reviewed the advertisement and the operation appears to be in compliance with the homestay regulations under which her permit was issued. The advertisement shows a private area that seems to (judging from the pictures) match the approved floorplan on file with the Permit.  The original permit application provided fully sufficient proof that Ms. Grist is a full time resident of the property (more forms of proof of residency were submitted than even required).  We don’t have any reason to doubt her residency in the home.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Diane Meek

828-259-5670  [end]

Isn’t it cute how Diane twists and tortures the facts and ordinance to put Ms. Martha Grist in compliance with the Homestay Ordinance?

I have furnished the city with irrefutable evidence she has a separate apartment with separate entrance, and a security code keylock.  The apartment has a full kitchen, which until recently she has been advertising as such.  Martha often has tenants in the apartment while she is off in her black Prius traveling.  This is NOT a homestay.  The old red Kia Spectra in the yard is a prop, a fraud. Martha keeps an “AIRBNB” with arrow sign in the yard so that when tenants arrive at the premises when she is off on one of her jaunts, the tenants know the twists and turns to get to their STR.  In Martha’s amoral mind, (and in Diane Meeks’s defective mind as well) rules are meant to be broken.

Is Esther Manheimer a Crook?

twitterblock manheimtwitterblock 2airbnb listings





Looks like she didn’t approve of my suggestion that she’s a shyster, what with all that shifty pettifoggery and gobbledygook she’s been handing us on the short-term rental controversy and our zoning (un)enforcement here in Asheville.

Meanwhile the snowflake is obsessed with turning public restrooms into places of assignation, and threatening  Ashevillians with prosecution for uttering “hate speech,” whatever that is.  Here are more tweets that gave her a rush of black bile:

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 9
Replying to @news_BPR @EstherManheimer

The face of betrayal.

I bought the right to use the brilliant shark lawyers from John Pritchett in Honolulu, HI.  In case someone accuses me again of stealing it.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Apr 4

Snowflake Asheville Mayor has banned me from her Twitter:  Another man heimed by Esther Manheimer.  So corrupt, transparency horrifies her.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Apr 3

teecrafter Retweeted City of Asheville

Too Funny!  How long did you keep Jason Nortz and his predecessor? While hiring for this position, why don’t you fire scoundrel Gary Jackson?

Time to dump corrupt mayor, Esther Manheimer, in pink with her lawyers, all female and one token male, & her fave judge standing behind her.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 17

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 9

@CityofAsheville How’s your axe job on Asheville neighborhoods going?  How’s it feel to betray folks who don’t want hotels on their streets?

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 5
Replying to @news_BPR @EstherManheimer

I can’t wait to organize a huge effort to get this charlatan Manheimer out of the Asheville city building.  She’s walking malware.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 4
Replying to @news_BPR @EstherManheimer

I can’t wait to organize and support opposition and votes against Manheimer next election.

Replying to @cecilbothwell [He hasn’t blocked me yet.]

WDY publish more about it instead of inciting lawbreakers to violate the STR ordinances?  Can’t wait til you run again so can support opposn

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 4
Replying to @NancyMcFarlane @EstherManheimer

Rots of ruck.  Ur gonna need it and at next CC election too.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 4

@EstherManheimer Glad 2 see VM Wisler give you a thumbs down on your despic proposal to reopen discuss about str ords u don’t even enforce.😡

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Mar 3  To Vice-Mayor Gwen C. Wisler:

@ashevillegcw Thanks 4 thumbs down on revisiting the Homestay Ordinance.  Now if we can just get the city 2 enforce the rules against str’s.

teecrafter‏ @teecrafter Feb 6
Replying to @CityofAsheville

COA blog website invites comments, then refuses to publish them.  Such hypocrisy! Such deceit!

Asheville Crime Perpetrator Marty Grist, Also Known as Martha Tackitt-Grist

Here is Marty’s ad which proves she is committing a fraud by publishing her license for a HOMESTAY in her photos, while she is peddling SHORT-TERM-RENTALS of a separate apartment with  keycode entrance behind the house and full kitchen, in violation of the Asheville City Ordinances.  She’s really kind of wacky-comical because when she leaves and the new tenants later come in, as they did this past weekend, she has taken off in a black Prius and leaves her old car, a red Kia, parked in the driveway to create the false impression she is in the house, even though she is away.  Such a dishonest person.  She even has her next-door neighbor, Vanessa, move her red Kia around in the yard to give the false impression that she is home.  Below is more evidence — photos which incriminate her:


These particular tenants stayed the past weekend thru Sunday.  Their temporary tag number, C272326, New Ford Explorer, indicated they were from Tennessee.  Unlike some of her tenants, these weekend renters were well-behaved.

Here is a photo of the mailbox knocked down the previous weekend, about two weeks ago, when she had rowdy tenants that looked like they got good and drunk:


And here is a photo of the sign I have placed where our mailbox stood.  We are having to pick up our mail on London Rd. in Biltmore:IMG_0411

No, the teeth are not hers and she wears skin-tight yoga pants which frighten children.  Yes, she’s pushing 70.  She was born in the ’40’s.

Here is an appropriate photo of Mad Martha Grist:     madmadmartha

Is Andrea Dray Honest?


I have no experience with her so I don’t know.  I do know that the fat sow, Susan Dotson-Smith, is NOT.  Neither is Julie Kepple, or Patty Kauffmann-Young.


Here’s a little more at another site:

One reason why I posted Andrea’s photo is that she appears to believe she can copyright it so that fair use is impossible.  She is, after all, a public figure.   So many aloof insolent judges who become narcissists the moment they don that black silk robe.  And people are scared shitless of them when they should be keeping them under surveillance.  Remember Lord Acton’s warning about power?

Another judge, an ex-judge (thankfully), Sharon Tracey Barrett, thinks she has a copyright lock on her photo.  She will soon learn that she does NOT.  This crooked old hag was propitiously removed from the bench by the NC legislature.

Let’s just go ahead and show the old crook now:


Women, how about sticking with the gender studies, nursing, sociology, veterinary degrees, home economics, journalism, elementary education, and culinary science.

Please, no more female doctors, dentists, or lawyers.  I’ve had my fill ad nauseam of them. And I have to be frank with you women and warn you that men are not going to tolerate you crazy bitches fucking with the law or donning black robes and tampering with the judiciary as so many like Susan “man-hater” Renfer, Julie “blinking spoliator” Kepple, Victoria “debtors’ prisons” Roemer, Patty “Seize him and feel of his balls!” Kaufmann-Young, Sharon Tracey “crooked sphere” Barrett, Zoe “You can’t cross-examine her in my courtroom” Bush, Nancy “Bind and gag him!” Sivilli, Aletha “chicanery and man-hating are fun!” Fields, Ana “I’m fucking the prosecutor” Gardiner, Cynthia “I’m drunk” Imperato, Lynn “I’m drunk too” Rosenthal, Kelly S. “I Fix Cases and my Tickets” Ballentine, and Jacqueline “Wacky Jackie” Schwartz. (to name just a few)

Photo of Brother, Sister, and Me


This photo in memory of my dear brother, David Leonard Smith, who would this year have been seventy-eight years old.  The photo was made circa 1946. I am in the middle.

Leonard died in a car wreck in 1966.  He was a wonderful big brother, and a day does not go by that I don’t think of him and miss him.  Some anonymous person puts beautiful flowers on his grave every year, year after year after year.    Rest in peace, my beloved brother!

My sister and I have reconciled and (I hope) forgiven one another.  She has been lately very kind to me.

Coming soon.  More family photos.

Development Services Director, Jason Nortz, Quits

Hold your horses, folks. Jason Nortz hasn’t been here a year and now he’s leaving. Do you suppose he figured out the running of the city is an ongoing scandal of dishonesty and low morale? I just got an email from him saying he is leaving employment with the city as of Dec. 19. Well, that was quick, wasn’t it?  jn

Here’s the email:

Jason Nortz

As of December 19 I know longer work for the City of Asheville. If you need immediate assistance please contact DSD Interim Director, Diane Meek at (828) 259-5670.

For specific inquiries please refer to the contact below:

planning/zoning: Ricky Hurley – 828-259-5674
building safety: Mark Matheny- 828-259-5667
stormwater: Sonya Dawson- 828-259-5569
permit center: Russell Roe – 828-259-5671

Try calling Diane Meek.  You won’t get her.   All you’ll get is the voicemail of an underling who doesn’t care whether you live or die and would make a good death panelist.  Someone like Shannon Morgan, for example, who is an incarnation of fraud, deceit, and sloth.

Try calling any of the rest of these numbers listed above.  You will not get a human being.  And if you leave a number, they will not call back.  I remember the time when I could call City Hall and get my neighbor, Roy Trantham, on the phone.  He was the mayor, and a good one.

What I wanted to do was ask Diane Meek if the email City Manager Gary Jackson sent her was what he really wanted her to do, or if, off the record, he advised her to do nothing, which is what Jason Nortz suggested to me is a sleazy practice of Gary Jackson.  Here is the email, and I just received a copy of it today.

Gary Jackson

12:27 PM (4 hours ago)
to Diane, councilgroup, me, Cathy
Please assign for appropriate inspection and enforcement action.

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The email is in response to my email to City Council and the City Manager Gary Jackson and others bringing to their attention that my neighbor, Martha Grist, is operating an illegal short-term rental, i. e., a motel, under a homestay permit.  She runs her AirBnB ads for $89 per night, then puts up a sign (which you can see on my blawg) in her yard with an arrow pointing to her separate apartment with a hidden rear entrance, a jerry-built mess she cobbled up in her basement without a building permit.

Now not all of the time but with many of her rentals, she has relied on that sign to direct her new “motel” customers to the key-coded apartment with locked separate rear entrance while she has been gone for days, usually on the weekend.  She tries to make it look as though she’s there inside the house by having her old red Kia parked in front with the rear hidden, when she is off traveling in a late-model black Prius.  This she has often done.  The woman is a rollicking example of wanderlust.  And fraud.  And mendacity.  And larceny.   She even has someone like her neighbor, Vanessa Bell, or one of her daughters, April or Rose, come and move the Kia to make it look like she’s there.  These amusing shenanigans of deviousness are easy for me across the street to watch and see.

Now I am tired of having to replace the mailbox here on this side of Aurora Drive, after her customers knock it down.  And we have had drunks come crashing into her premises in the middle of the night singing vulgar songs, yelling and hollering, pretending to brawl, throwing cans and bottles, and waking all of us up.  I’m 72 and Jean Oakes is in her late sixties, so we are too old for this.  And I can assure you the elderly Chalnicks at 198 Aurora get in on the din of noise and commotion too.  What about OUR quality of life?  Isn’t that what zoning laws are for?  The mayor thinks they are there to protect your investment.  Well, that too, but we deserve the quiet enjoyment of this home and a neighborhood of people who are not stressed by the commercial hubbub of noisy transients in and out who don’t give a damn for the neighborhood.

Here is the email I sent City Council, et al.:

to Esther, gwenwisler, cecilbothwell, Julie, gordonsmith, Keith, rcurrin, cball, pfetherston, gjackson, smorgan

CHETC Is Baaaaaaaack!  CHETC — vanity tag on car of short-term renter

These are previous scofflaw tenants at the illegal AirBnB flophouse of Martha Grist.  Creeps like these and the jerks at AirBnB are the reason why the city’s laws against this violation of community zoning *must* also incriminate the customers and AirBnB as violators.  All three have conspired to violate Asheville’s zoning laws, as well as its recent ordinance with $500-per-day fine.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

That’s the best way to stop these unconscionable lawbreakers.
That’s right, CHETC.  Now that you’re on notice that the premises you and your shackup are renting by the night are violations of Asheville’s city ordinances, you are doubly accountable for violation of our criminal laws.

Did Martha Grist tell you she has a permit?  Well, she does but it’s for homestay.  So if you can google and you can read, she is not doing “homestay” with you; she’s perpetrating an illegal short-term rental.  Are you too stupid to know the difference?

Mark my word.  If these nuisances are not abated, there will be some very vigorous litigation by multiple parties, probably a class action.   We’re working on it right now.  Projected litigation includes mandamus to require Asheville to get its head out of the sand and enforce its ordinances.

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