Martha Grist Illegal Motel Booming at 200 Aurora Drive, Asheville


Marty Tackitt-Grist, also known as Martha Grist, has not worried one of her limited brain cells over the $500 per day fine for operating an illegal motel in violation of Asheville’s laws.  “What the heck!” she figures.  She’s been a common criminal for years and never been prosecuted yet — felony perjury, tax evasion, mail fraud, civil conspiracy, conspiracy to practice law without a license, larceny, illegal dumping, criminal violations of Asheville’s Building Code, numerous frivolous 911 call crimes, cruelty to animals, criminal assault, and now criminally operating an illegal motel in plain sight in a residential neighborhood zoned for families, not commercial use like motels.

So this is the weekend beginning Friday, October 7, 2016,  and yesterday about 5 p. m., travelers drove in, got out of their car (a gray-haired man with a pony tail and a woman) and carried their “motel” luggage around the side of Mad Martha’s house and settled into her illicit basement “motel” unit.  This morning I made photos of their car, a grey Kia, NC license tag no. AFK-1957 and a Chris Leith Kia ad on the tag cover and trunk lid.  Chris Leith Kia is located in Raleigh, NC.

I noticed this past Monday, October 3, 2016, that someone with the city cruised by a couple of times after the report of last weekend’s motel guests.  I can assure you that Shannon Morgan who is salaried for and paid by the taxpayers to investigate this crime and prosecute it has been provided with a full report about this and other illegal motels on Aurora Drive.

More to come, including photos of motel guests and a mattress that lay in Mad Martha’s yard for weeks until she illegally dumped it beside a dumpster at Star Lanes Bowling Center, a block down the street.

Martha Grist Illegal Motel Busy This Weekend at 200 Aurora Drive

marty motel guests 9302016



Here is a photo [better version coming soon] of the car which drove into her illegal ‘motel’ yesterday afternoon while Mad Martha was gone all night and did not return until this morning.  Here also find a thumbnail report– with more photos to come — on the feverishly busy illegal motel of Mad Martha Grist, 200 Aurora Drive, Asheville, NC.

This weekend’s guests:  two women from Virginia attending Asheville’s Gay Pride Weekend in a new white Volkswagen Passat, Virginia license tag no. VFN-2927…..
Photographed yesterday and today.  More here.  Two women motel customers arrived and unloaded when no one was at home at the Grist home.  They went around the side of the ‘motel’ with their obvious temporary stay gear and entered from the rear, i. e., at Mad Martha’s illegal basement apartment which she built without a building permit, a crime btw, and for which she must have a “grant of immunity” from obeying the city ordinances, thanks to some of the numerous crooks in the city building, such as Gary “Fort Worth” Jackson, Cecil “drunk again” Bothwell, and Esther “smirking in muh million-dollar house at 169 Brookwood Rd. in tony North Asheville where illegal motels not allowed” Manheimer.

And no, these ‘motel’ customers are not friends of the proprietress spending a few nights for free (as Marty will surely try to squall, she being the prodigious serial liar and courtroom perjurer that she is).  They are paying customers in a criminally illegal racket perpetrated by Mad Martha Grist in violation of settled law, maximum fine $500 per day. :


Carl Flamm Scam

What really ticked me off about this guy was that he “doxxed” Cindie Harman by publishing all her personal information online — her address, phone number, email address — in an effort to cause people to contact her at home and pester her. And she had been pestered enough because of her feisty blog, A crooked judge, Thomas G. Foster, had even signed a no-contact restraining order against her in _Ramsey vs. Harman,_ later reversed in the NC Court of Appeals because the appellate court found Cindie had not stalked anyone.

Cindie had other legal troubles too, all of it attributable to the anger focused on her crusading weblog which trained klieg lights on Madison County’s dirty politicians.

I knew something was going on recently because Carl was obsessed about getting the doxxing info out of alt.appalachian. He had canceled his shabby doxxing message, but when I clicked on it to reply and gave him a good tongue-lashing, it was published all over again. So Carl wrote in and begged for me to remove it. So I did. But an archivist called NARKIVE didn’t… and here most of it is:

“cindie harman is a backwater idiot who needs to be on psych drugs. her power of spreading evil an maliciousness are right up there with charlie manson and hitler.
this is one person who needs to be “retired” early. she should have been “retired” long ago. she lives at [redacted] hot springs, nc if anyone would like to pay her a visit and show her how human beings are meant to act.  her phone number is [redacted].”

The only thing about Carl is he himself has a bad reputation and is otherwise a royal jerk. Like for assault by pointing a gun, running around butt naked in the vicinity of the Harman home, and other behavioral aberrations which he confesses to in his writings advertised on Amazon.  He also confesses he suffers from bipolar and other disorder.

Then I found this Madison County Superior Court calendar featuring the asshole judge, Alan Thornburg (a crook like his daddy, Lacy Thornburg).

So it looks like 3 couples, the Flamms, the Laclairs, and the Jenkses ganged up on Cindie and her husband with a lawsuit; but after I got a copy of the judgment in the case, I see it was settled so that it appears the Harmans bought out the plaintiffs and sent them packing. Well, good. And here it is. I have no idea what the lawsuit was about but the judgment appears to favor the Harmans:


One afterthought here:  The person who obtained this court order asked me not to publish it.  I told him I wouldn’t.   But after I got to looking it over and seeing what kind of little warnings lurked in it against publication,  I decided it SHOULD by all means be published.

Have a nice day, and Alan Thornburg, you can kiss me arse.



Martha Elizabeth Tackitt-Grist aka Marty Grist, Genetically Modified Incarnation of Evil

Read these 3 pages over below very carefully and you’ll see that this woman has gotten “help” to devise her wacky “answer.”  And I do mean WACKY. Somebody is stupid and has otherwise committed a serious crime by practicing law without a license.  Even though her helper is stupid, the helper is smarter than Mad Martha because there is no way she would have thought up such a caper.  I suspect the help was from someone who is not playing with a full deck but who has a background as a legal secretary or deputy clerk.  But in this case, as is usual with a “lay lawyer,” a little learning is a dangerous thing.

In addition there are three ridiculously irrelevant pages attached to Grist’s answer but not yet posted.  I’ll publish those soon.  These pages have already been scanned onto my hard drive.  If you happen to be a lawyer with a sense of humor, you can see something hilarious — the absurd claim that contributory negligence is available as an affirmative defense in a libel lawsuit.  Of course, the entire Answer is an exercise in mental disorders.

Note that this creeping pile of filth, Marty Grist, taught school in North Carolina for many years.  Can you imagine someone with the ethics of a cockroach passing them on to little impressionable children?

mad-martha-answermad-martha2mad martha3.jpg


Willard Hartsock Wifebeater

This feature is to show you WNC’s most unprosecuted criminal:

zoroWhoops!  Wrong criminal.  Here he is:


And here he is in the McDowell Hospital the night he got fitted with a colostomy bag and was getting a dilaudid drip for falling down a shaft drunk.  This is one of the nights the crazy little pointy-headed bastard sent scads of taxicabs to my door in Asheville:


More to come.  A book could be written about this nasty little scoundrel.


See what people mean who know this skank and call him a runt?  Check out those delicate little effeminate hands and the sissy pose and the open shirt showing the fuzz on his little bird chest.  Is this not a freak?

And here is a copy of one of the many warrants served on the nasty sonofabitch.  Sheriff’s deputies picked him up on Chimney Rock after he tried to give them the slip and when they cuffed him he cried like a baby:


Weaverville – Sleazy Little Town Not Into Freedom of Speech


Now go to their Facebook page.

This comment has been erased, although quite true.  The sheriff, Jack Van Duncan, (who is crookeder than a bushelful of snakes) has stocked Weaverville with his own personally selected hooligans for cops.   If you live in the vicinity and have an emergency, and happen not to be in good standing with this sonofabitch, and you call to report a burglary and thousands of dollars of property stolen from your premises, don’t expect anybody in uniform even to show up.  This is your property taxes at work, paying for a corrupt sheriff.

Grand Jury Indictment, Martha Elizabeth Grist

 Below the Indictment, please find at least one court proceeding in which Martha Grist was plaintiff in 1994.  She was also party to several court proceedings in New Hanover County, NC.   This evidence proves she is a perjurer, as set forth in Count One of the Indictment.
State of North Carolina
GRAND JURY INDICTMENT of Martha Elizabeth Grist
County of Buncombe

The Grand Jurors, on their oath, aver, depose, and verify that on or about the 29th day of May, 2014, the defendant, Martha Elizabeth Grist, also known as Marty Tackitt-Grist, also known as Marty Grist, also known as Martina Walking Stick, did fraudulently, maliciously, devilishly, with specific intent to deceive the Court, and against the peace and dignity of the State of North Carolina, commit the felonious crime of perjury, in the following manner and form, to wit:

C O U N T  O N E

That the defendant, Martha Elizabeth Grist, having first been duly sworn on the Bible by the Clerk’s deputy to testify truthfully as prosecuting witness in the matter, State of North Carolina vs. James L. Smith, 13 CR 058245, Buncombe County, defendant Grist testified under oath as follows:

Question:  You went in before a clerk sometime in the spring of 2012 and said you had mail to see, from me, lots of it, which was in violation of the restraining order which was in place.   Those were your words.  You remember that?
Martha Grist:  Yes, I did.
Question:  All right.
Martha Grist:  To my knowledge those were…
Question: But you didn’t show up to pursue it, did you, even after you got the show-cause order against me and then forced me to have to show up in court to defend myself?
Martha Grist:  Can I address that?
Question:  You didn’t even show up, did you?
The Court:  The question ma’am is “Did you show up in court to prosecute, YES or NO?”
Martha Grist:  I did not.
The Court:  Now you may explain.
Martha Grist:  Because when this first started I had never been to court.  My background is mediation.  I didn’t understand the court procedure.

That the testimony of the defendant Grist was a material misstatement of fact uttered by Martha Elizabeth Grist, and then known by defendant Grist to be false.  The defendant had been a party, witness, and participant many times in court proceedings both in New Hanover County, NC and in Buncombe County, NC at least since 1993, and although defendant had failed on several occasions since 1993 to appear in court when under subpoena, she knew she was required by law to be in court on dates specified in subpoenas served on her.   The defendant additionally testified to a material fact which was false and deceitful when she stated to the Court, “My background is mediation.”

C O U N T   T W O

The averments of Count One of this Indictment are incorporated by reference as if stated herein verbatim.    On the date and in the courtroom before the Honorable David K. Fox presiding, and Assistant District Attorney Nicholas Benjamin and Assistant District Attorney Meghan Lock representing the State of North Carolina, as aforesaid, the defendant, Martha Elizabeth Grist, testified falsely under oath as follows:

Mr. Benjamin:  Do you have a blog?
Martha Grist:  No
Mr. Benjamin:  Do you get online and write about Mr. Smith?
Martha Grist:  Absolutely never have, not even once.

That at the time the aforesaid material statement of fact was made under oath by Martha Grist, she then well knew that the statement was false in that:

On the contrary, on December 31, 2013, at 8:58 a. m., the defendant had composed, and shortly thereafter edited, and published the following online material on Facebook at the site of ABC News 20/20’s “Neighbors from Hell” owned by Mr. Bob Borzotta:

Marty Tackitt-Grist Hey, I have got one for the books! My neighbor is a true psychopath. He hits on nearly every question on the assessment tools for psychopaths/sociopaths. He has barked like a dog for hours at me, just to get the next door neighbor’s plot hound to bark and harass me. While out in my yard he has called me names, used mentally challenged adults (that his girlfriend gets paid to take care of) to verbally harass me at a neighborhood store, harasses and stalks my guests, etc. He posts volumes of humiliating hate and lies on the internet, in addition to all the neighbor antics. He has hacked into phones, including state business and confidential calls, computers, published personal info, including phone numbers that were supposed to be private and blocked. He has tried to cause me (a North Carolina teacher f/t blind) and many others to lose their jobs by reporting false information. He has reported me to every city, state and county service with false complaints. He is a disbarred attorney, who embezzled from his clients, and hasn’t practiced in 35 years. He loves to be the center of attention,and even though he has been found guilty in civil and criminal court, he still uses the court system to harass the local police, judges, attorneys, city council members…you name it and he’s thought of it. He sends me mail constantly that spews more hate and lies. He has mooned my neighbors and friends. No end in sight. My attorney and the DA have stacks of proof, pictures and videos from my security camera. Also, witness lists. He has most recently managed to get his girlfriend, also the owner of the house he lives in, to replicate many of his behaviors, making it even worse! This page, and the 20/20 stories, are supportive, because now I know that I am not alone in this unbelievable nightmare from hell!!! [End of Marty Tackitt-Grist Quote]

Verified:  A True Bill, On a Unanimous Poll of the Members of the Grand Jury
/S/ Lucius Teague
8 December 2014
Asheville, North Carolina

dv1dv 2dv 3dv 4

Now focus on the claim made by Martha that Freddie Grist caused their 6-year-old daughter Rose to be kept awake by calling every night. This is typical perjury. If she didn’t want her daughter to be awakened and upset, she could have simply turned the phone’s bell off, or disconnected the phone, or put it in a place where the daughter did not hear it ring. But the more plausible explanation is that the daughter’s sleep disruption was a lie. And a lie made under oath.

I talked to Freddie once, and he told me that Martha had come from a family in Oklahoma City. “They have a history of mental problems and trouble with the police,” he said.

This woman, Martha Grist, is a veritable fountain of perjury. In my previous blog (sabotaged by iPage) I recounted an occasion in which Martha followed me into the nearby Ingles Market on Tunnel Rd. (where there are security cameras everywhere, and above every aisle) and quickly walked from aisle to aisle looking for me – as someone watched from a large window outside the store. As soon as she found me and a lady I was with who had Down’s Syndrome, she slowly walked by us making silly little “farting” noises with her mouth and sticking her tongue out at us. The disabled lady was entertaining herself in one of those electric-powered scooters provided for customers, and it never dawned on her what was going on. I doubt if she even noticed it. And yet Martha went the next day or so to the courthouse and filed papers that both of us had harassed her in the grocery store. That’s the kind of vicious liar that she is.

So I went to the management at Ingles and asked them how long they kept their videos. One month, they said. So I sought to subpoena that evidence and show what this evil woman was doing, and I was blocked by obstruction after obstruction in the courthouse, first from the crooked clerk, Steven Cogburn, then from crooked judge Eddie Clontz, and next by crooked judge Julie Kepple. And the next thing Clontz did was to employ a corrupt ruse and shitcan my written interrogatories and requests for admissions propounded to Grist. I intended to prove with the videos from Ingles security cameras that I did not stalk her. She was stalking me.  So what corrupt judge Eddie Clontz did was to pervert the course of justice and commit a series of felonies.

One of the managers at Ingles had even reviewed the videos showing that Grist came into Ingles and was searching for me by going from aisles to aisle and looking down the aisles… and then having found me she deliberately walked by me on the cereal aisle, as she was being observed.

I asked to buy that footage, but the Ingles manager with whom I spoke said they had to have an order from the court. This fatal interference, of course, was an obstruction of justice by Grist and her sleazy judge pals, and a conspiracy to obstruct justice, which is also the felony crime of racketeering. That’s a common story of the Buncombe County Courthouse, a nest of criminal racketeers more venomous than pit vipers.  Machine politics of dirty rotten democrats run Buncombe County.

Because of this evil, vindictive woman, Martha Grist acting as their shill and useful idiot, I was forced to appear and waste hundreds of hours in court 29 times under threat of arrest.

She obtained two frivolous and malicious restraining orders against me, three orders to appear and show cause why I should not be jailed for contempt of court, and two cyberstalking warrants. She made so many frivolous and malicious 911 calls to police that I lost count, and finally the police began filing reports “UNFOUNDED.” As I pushed 70 years of age and frail health, Grist dragged me through court over and over and over again with frivolous and malicious cyberstalking warrants, both of which were dismissed after forcing me to sit for hours and hours with my deteriorating scoliotic spine and intervertebral disc disease.

And finally the judges had been so labored and overburdened and so harassed by this venomous woman, that the last time she tried for another show-cause order, her fourth, Julie Kepple (even as crooked and as nasty a man-hating radfem as this robed shyster was) turned Marty Grist down and sent her packing. Not one time was she ever able to prove me in contempt of court, not once. Because I never was. Every claim she made under oath was founded on perjury,  hatred, revenge, and conniving with corrupt public officials.