Photos of Aircraft Project Removed from Hangar 2B at KFQD by EAA Ch. 309




Just in case you wonder, the men of EAA 309 got flimflammed by an evil woman, Rosaly Donner McIntosh, who has a history of thievery, mail fraud, wire fraud, lying under oath, shoplifting, leaving a restaurant without paying the bill, and lying to law-enforcement officers .  She owned the hangar and told them the Super Cub project belonged to her husband who had just died.  (In fact, her husband, Carl Roy McIntosh, had died in 2001, almost 17 years ago.)   So they believed she had the authority to donate this rare vintage aircraft to them.    They did steal the Super Cub project and it was difficult getting them to agree to give it back to the true owner.  And yes, they agreed to give it back but didn’t.  The whole crowd at Ch. 309 is infested with sociopaths like Johnnie Garabedian, Jim Hall, and Holliday Obrecht, the thieves who took the PA-18 to begin with and had notice that it did not belong to Rosaly McIntosh.

If you’ll notice the link to Google Groups is no longer any good and that is because the scoundrels at EAA Ch. 309 in Charlotte took it from public to private.  They did not want you to know just what a gang of thieving scoundrels they really are.

More to come soon.


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