Cullen Gregory Anderson Pages

Ccullen pic 2CULLENtheDRUNK.  Yeah, can you tell he’s soused?

Asheville, NC

The jerks at Topix refuse to publish this truth, while the bastard Cullen Anderson slanders me daily.




Spotted You wrote:
Most trolls on Topix are huge liars so take what they say with a grain of salt. Nuf said!

How about this official record of driving drunk and on the wrong side of the road on a heavily traveled highway? You pled guilty, and did 7 days in jail: Anderson, Cullen Gregory in 2014 right after Christmas, 2013. Documents and mugshots coming soon to the blog.

Costs were a whopping fine and $290 in court costs, plus what you paid the Minick Law Firm to represent you in front of a District Court Judge, and ADA Nickie Benjamin prosecuting you. Looks like you were out over $5,000 and no driver license for at least a year. No wonder you’re pissed at lawyers, but you were the villain in all of this. Did that 7 days in the pokey dry you out a little? Well, it didn’t stick.

Do a search on “Anderson,Cullen,Gregory ” [in quotes]

History repeated itself this Christmas because a few days before the 25th, you were raving drunk at J&S Cafeteria in Oakley. A bunch of us saw you making a fool of yourself. You bought a takeout, staggered out, and got into your car and drove away. I was in a hurry to get a hot meal to a sick person or I would have gotten videos of the spectacle. And yes, I should have called and reported a DWI because you would have blown a .25 like you did in 2013. Oh, wait! Maybe somebody did call the cops.


And all that bluster and taunting you did to Cecil Bothwell about his DWI!

Anderson Cullen Gregory, 21 OAKMONT DR, FAIRVIEW NC 28730 – DUI/DWI – 12-02-2013…

2 thoughts on “Cullen Gregory Anderson Pages

  1. Hey friend, have you heard, Cullen is dead, fell down some stairs in his home. Also so is Bill Hartsock, killed in a snow mobile accident in Maine.


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