Asheville Crime Perpetrator Marty Grist, Also Known as Martha Tackitt-Grist

Here is Marty’s ad which proves she is committing a fraud by publishing her license for a HOMESTAY in her photos, while she is peddling SHORT-TERM-RENTALS of a separate apartment with  keycode entrance behind the house and full kitchen, in violation of the Asheville City Ordinances.  She’s really kind of wacky-comical because when she leaves and the new tenants later come in, as they did this past weekend, she has taken off in a black Prius and leaves her old car, a red Kia, parked in the driveway to create the false impression she is in the house, even though she is away.  Such a dishonest person.  She even has her next-door neighbor, Vanessa, move her red Kia around in the yard to give the false impression that she is home.  Below is more evidence — photos which incriminate her:


These particular tenants stayed the past weekend thru Sunday.  Their temporary tag number, C272326, New Ford Explorer, indicated they were from Tennessee.  Unlike some of her tenants, these weekend renters were well-behaved.

Here is a photo of the mailbox knocked down the previous weekend, about two weeks ago, when she had rowdy tenants that looked like they got good and drunk:


And here is a photo of the sign I have placed where our mailbox stood.  We are having to pick up our mail on London Rd. in Biltmore:IMG_0411

No, the teeth are not hers and she wears skin-tight yoga pants which frighten children.  Yes, she’s pushing 70.  She was born in the ’40’s.

Here is an appropriate photo of Mad Martha Grist:     madmadmartha

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