Martha Grist Illegal Motel Busy This Weekend at 200 Aurora Drive

marty motel guests 9302016



Here is a photo [better version coming soon] of the car which drove into her illegal ‘motel’ yesterday afternoon while Mad Martha was gone all night and did not return until this morning.  Here also find a thumbnail report– with more photos to come — on the feverishly busy illegal motel of Mad Martha Grist, 200 Aurora Drive, Asheville, NC.

This weekend’s guests:  two women from Virginia attending Asheville’s Gay Pride Weekend in a new white Volkswagen Passat, Virginia license tag no. VFN-2927…..
Photographed yesterday and today.  More here.  Two women motel customers arrived and unloaded when no one was at home at the Grist home.  They went around the side of the ‘motel’ with their obvious temporary stay gear and entered from the rear, i. e., at Mad Martha’s illegal basement apartment which she built without a building permit, a crime btw, and for which she must have a “grant of immunity” from obeying the city ordinances, thanks to some of the numerous crooks in the city building, such as Gary “Fort Worth” Jackson, Cecil “drunk again” Bothwell, and Esther “smirking in muh million-dollar house at 169 Brookwood Rd. in tony North Asheville where illegal motels not allowed” Manheimer.

And no, these ‘motel’ customers are not friends of the proprietress spending a few nights for free (as Marty will surely try to squall, she being the prodigious serial liar and courtroom perjurer that she is).  They are paying customers in a criminally illegal racket perpetrated by Mad Martha Grist in violation of settled law, maximum fine $500 per day. :


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