Willard Hartsock Wifebeater

This feature is to show you WNC’s most unprosecuted criminal:

zoroWhoops!  Wrong criminal.  Here he is:


And here he is in the McDowell Hospital the night he got fitted with a colostomy bag and was getting a dilaudid drip for falling down a shaft drunk.  This is one of the nights the crazy little pointy-headed bastard sent scads of taxicabs to my door in Asheville:


More to come.  A book could be written about this nasty little scoundrel.


See what people mean who know this skank and call him a runt?  Check out those delicate little effeminate hands and the sissy pose and the open shirt showing the fuzz on his little bird chest.  Is this not a freak?

And here is a copy of one of the many warrants served on the nasty sonofabitch.  Sheriff’s deputies picked him up on Chimney Rock after he tried to give them the slip and when they cuffed him he cried like a baby:


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