Jody Raines v. Bruce Aristeo Malicious Prosecution Scandal

jody frightens ruger

Check out the sad teeth, ass’s ears, and the frightened Belgian Malinois.  The poor dog is terrified because this crazy woman with the jackass ears, one Jody Raines, has a Malinois farm near Camden, NJ.  These dogs are raised for their meat.  The dog suspects this cruel woman will turn him into Ru’Burgers.

Following is the whiny sanctimonious gut-wrenching “victim” impact statement of Jody Raines.  Unlike all the facelifted posing of this fake pushing 60, this is the real Jody Raines: hateful, evil, vindictive, and just as full of the venom of revenge as Potiphar’s Wife.

[Begin Quote]

I have been in the crosshairs of a predator since 2011. Bruce Aristeo stalked me online and in person with intent to fulfill his perverted obsession of revenge.

He delighted in threatening me, filing malicious charges against me, and worked tirelessly at ruining my

reputation. Even now, he remains defiant and unrepentant, sharing his self-made videos of the trial on

the Internet (in violation of the restraining order, the pre-trial release conditions, and the terms of the

order allowing him to film). To date, he refuses to take down the videos of my testimony, thinly claiming

it was posted by someone else. There was only one person here with a camera.

His blog and other postings continue to be actively worked to publicly demean me and anyone else who

has held him accountable for his actions, including the court and the Camden County Prosecutors who

presented this case to the jury. He recently posted a photo-shopped depiction of AP Cogan, her face

superimposed on the body of a man wearing a tee-shirt emblazoned with the epithet “CUNT”.

Even after Judge Nanny Famuliar memorialized [sic (LOL!)] a restraining order against him, Mr. Aristeo was undeterred. He

continued to stalk and terrorize me. And he posted horrifying videos he absolutely knew I would see

because he made sure to tag me.

In one video, his implied threat to my safety was achieved as he sat down to a breakfast of Belgian

Malinois sausage patties – and to underscore his malicious point he included video footage of my

beloved Belgian Malinois, Ruger, running in my back yard. Mr. Aristeo’s video included the name of his

product: “Ru’Berger Farms Belgian Malinois Sausage Patties.” There was nothing funny about this video.

And there was no mistake at who its intended recipient was. Me. He could not contain his giddiness as

he appeared on the video, and he giggled out loud, I assume at the thought of how I might react to such

a thinly veiled threat of violence.

Your Honor, I did not get my Belgian Malinois until summer of 2012, over a year after the end of the

“relationship”. Yet, Mr. Aristeo knows I have a Belgian Malinois, and even knows his name is Ruger. In

the videos, he audibly smacks his lips as he describes the taste of Malinois meat.

Bruce Aristeo’s threatening and sick, manic online postings reveal more about who he is than anything I

could say here today in Court.

In fact, I know the defendant better through the legal system and through his blatantly false and

malicious online testimonials to me than I did when we dated, 5 years ago.

And he’s vowed that “he will never stop”.

The day after the verdict was delivered by the Jury in this court, I received an appeal notification from

Mr. Aristeo for another court.

My fear, Your Honor, is thatthis is never going to end.

No one should live in fear, and yet, for the last 5 years, I have been stalked. I have been threatened.

know fear.

* I’m afraid to answer the phone. The defendant admits to spoofing calls to me. Every call is now


* I’m afraid to answer my door. Mr. Aristeo bragged to me about his involvement in a high-profile

local murder case in which the victim was bludgeoned to death in her Cherry Hill home after

she opened her door. He made it clear he was able to accomplish whatever he wanted and had

(‘friends in places”.

* I am concerned about the security of my home. Even though I’ve had all the locks changed and

passwords changed, the defendant had my garage door opener without my knowledge, and he

entered my home uninvited and without any warning.

* I am worried about the security of my communications. A short time after we met, Mr. Aristeo

decided I needed my Internet re-wired. His own discovery admits to using keylogging software

and his testimony includes having access to my computers and “reworking” my network.

* I’m afraid to attend the networking events I used to love. The defendant stalked me to every

professional and civic organization to which I belong. He followed me to events, and he joined

the charity and other trade entities in which I was a member or to which I donated my time and


* I’m even fearful in my own back yard. The defendant made a point of asking me during the trial

what I thought would happen if he jumped the fence and came into my yard.

* I’m constantly on guard now when I’m home alone, and especially during the evening hours.

Mr. Aristeo actually suggested during his cross examination the he knew I am often home alone

at night. He even questioned my daughter to underscore his point. He did this to send a


I have installed a new alarm system. I’ve disposed of all technology, apps, software, hardware and

anything else Mr. Aristeo touched, including routers. I even rewired hardware. I’ve changed my

habits. I’ve taken employment outside my home. I got a Belgian Malinois for protection. I’ve installed

cameras inside and outside of my home. I’ve stopped going to networking events, despite the fact that

my visibility as a networking professional has been essential to my career and my field of expertise.

Mr. Aristeo own words revealed his purpose, “the only way that this will end is if you are in jail or

dead, and that can be arranged.”

Panic attacks, nightmares, depression. The unwelcome anxiety, constant fear that he will strike but not

knowing how or when or where, is emotionally devastating. The stalking is not limited to the 188 videos

in the indictment from January 2013 through May 2013. Stalking started long before and was

pervasive. It impacted more than just my online reputation. Mr. Aristeo’s bullying, stalking, threats and

harassment started in 2011 and continue to the present. None of his online blog content has been

removed. His trial videos continue to be posted, even today. He has violated every court order.

This man uses the justice system as a weapon in what I can only characterize as “predatory sport

litigation”. He’s abused the legal process by filing countless municipal complaints against me. At one

point, I received criminal summons or warrants almost daily. Your Honor, as you are aware, he’s filed

serial litigation in multiple courts including family court, civil court, and Federal court. And for each

complaint he’s filed, I’ve been forced to spend money and get lawyers to respond. He even posted a

video, which he titled “The Trap,” which dealt with a scheduled appearance in court. In the video he

chronicled how he was creating a trap, and it made me terrified about coming to court without

representation. Your honor, the defendant has cost me tens of thousands of dollars, money that I do

not have, and he has caused incredible hardship, upheaval and stress.

And then he filed meritless appeals, and ethics complaints against nearly every Judge who ruled against


He’s filed unsubstantiated charges against my daughter, he’s filed bogus ethics complaints against

Michael Freedman, Committeeman in Voorhees, and he’s filed charges against Sergeant Joe Colozzi

(before he retired). He’s attempted to instigate trouble by going to my ex-husband’s attorney offering

some purported “information”, he called my ex-boyfriends, and he threatened to smear me in political


Apparently unsatisfied with that, Mr. Aristeo then engaged in a virtual smear campaign to destroy my

reputation on multiple websites in addition to joining just about every group, web site or social network

I belonged to. He created several websites dedicated solely to slandering and smearing me and he

promoted them using social media like a weapon. The very tools he learned from me to optimize were

turned against me. He promoted his vile accusations, tagging my name and using every technique to

eliminate me from legitimate search results for my own name, including launching proxy attacks against

my websites.

He’s also stalked anything I’ve posted and in a sick way, twisted everything to be about him.

He vowed “one way or another I’m going to get you”.

I don’t know where. I don’t know when. I don’t know what or how. I can only guess what the

defendant is capable of.

To add insult to injury, Mr. Aristeo believes he should be permitted to cloak his predatory misbehavior in

the First Amendment. He has perverted the United States Constitution as an excuse for targeted,

directed, alarming and harassing -terrorizing – hate speech and harassment. It’s never been about the

First Amendment until that was convenient for him. It’s about causing shame and ruination to me and

his other victims. It’s about revenge.

The damage to my reputation continues, even post-verdict, because the defendant continues to

optimize his derogatory content online. Even if he did not win in court, he continues to use social

media and the Internet to advance his agenda.

Within the next year, I expect my Governmental job will be eliminated. I will then have to search for a

new job. According to Forbes, 90% of executive recruiters conduct online research of potential

candidates. 70% of employers who use Llnkedin say they have chosen NOT to hire someone based upon

what they’ve found online. And, only 27% of employers will give a candidate the opportunity to explain

derogatory information. Given these statistics, it will be nearly impossible for me to find a replacement

for this lost income after having my reputation assailed daily. I’ve now been forced to spend money on

an online reputation management firm to help me, and yet, since the verdict was issued, what I’ve

experienced has been almost continuous hacking attempts on my website There is

nothing special there, nothing that anyone would find of interest, bar one person.

How do I get him to stop, your honor?

How do I get this nightmare to end? Even after your order was issued with regard to the videos of the

trial, new videos were posted. Your pre-trial bail conditions meant nothing to him. The terms of the

restraining order meant nothing.

I request your Honor take into consideration the history of this case and hold the defendant accountable

for his actions and make the following requests:

1. That the Court issue a No-Contact Order and Final Restraining Order.

2. Issue an immediate take-down order of the websites and videos.

3. Bar the defendant from making any money on this case or profiting in any way. Profiting from

his intentional actions must be removed as a motivation to Mr. Aristeo .. The defendant

indicated he has a book publisher on his “pool” list and I respectfully request that any funds the

defendant has received or may receive be earmarked to the Camden County Domestic Violence

Advocates and the Camden County Women’s Shelter.

4. Bar the defendant from any use of the Internet, similar to the way a sexual predator is barred.

Make no mistake, this man is a predator. Mr. Aristeo should not have access to social media

sites, computers, tablets, smartphone, nor any other internet-capable device.

5. Order Mr. Aristeo to pay restitution for the expense of Reputation Repair Consultants to correct

the damage that he has done.

6. Order Bruce Aristeo to refrain from publishing or sharing the videos of this trial, or any other

content dealing with or about me, my businesses, my websites, my jobs, my work, my expertise,

my social media sites, my family members, my friends, my dog, my cat, my lawyers or my

representatives, and bar Mr. Aristeo from publishing inflammatory or derogatory remarks about

the prosecutor in this case or Your Honor.

Your Honor, I appreciate the opportunity to address the court and your consideration of these requests

along with any other sanctions or sentencing as the court deems appropriate and proper.

Signed and Sealed   herXmark    Jody Raines

You can read comments about this case study in abnormal psychology here:!topic/alt.appalachian/AONWPEF7VlE

I’ll be back later to do a little refining, and to make comments on why so many of these vicious requests by Jody Raines tell you more about her than they do about Bruce Aristeo.  They tell you, like the red-on-yellow bands of the harlequin snake, BEWARE:  DEADLY!


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